Coming to the End of the Season


For me, (regular) walking season is coming to an end.  It's getting harder to get up in the morning; it's dark and it's cold.  While I can work with either, it does make the whole walk more difficult for me in the early morning, which is the only consistent time I walk.  I am the kind of person who needs to get up and do it first thing or else it will slide.  I may have good intentions, but "stuff" has a way of getting in my path and before I know it, the day is over.  I know I could walk at lunch break, but I'd rather kick back and relax then.  (If it's good and sunny, I would much rather pull out a good book and read over lunch on the patio.  I'm going to milk that patio for all it's worth.  If I can be out there...I am going to be out there.)I could do it at the end of the day, but by then I'm lazy and just not motivated.  For me, it's get up and go or the likelihood of getting a walk in is slim.

There were no morning walks for most of last week.  It was rainy and in general I'm not going out in the rain.  There's too much chance of this lady slipping and I'm not risking a fall.  I did that once already, several years ago and ended up with a messy face (how the heck did I scrap UNDER my nose) and hands. I was able to get up and walk away, but I'll admit I'm afraid that if I fell again that might not happen.  I'm cautious of wet and slippery; especially in the fall when there are leaves everywhere.  Even dry leaves can be a challenge.  I know I am getting old since I'm focusing on this topic so much!

The dark is also an issue.  It is usually dark when I start my walks (since I'm out before 5), but in the late spring and summer, it's gets light as I go along.  As we are well into fall now, it's dark when I start and dark when I get back.  (I really hate that!)  It makes it difficult to see.  I am also aware that it make ME difficult to see, even though I wear a reflective vest and (if I remember) a blinking light wristband.  When it's dark, I'm not going as fast (not that I am really a fast a matter of fact I seem to get slower with every year) because I am more focused on what lurks in the shadows (animals, other walkers) and who might be pulling out of their driveway or side street and not see me.   

As a result my walks are often shorter.  I have a set time frame and I need to be back by 6.  During the summer this doesn't matter much as my son doesn't have to be at school by 7:20 (most days).  Next year will also be a different story when he goes off to college (fingers crossed...until he finishes paperwork, fill out that application and gets letter[s] of acceptance, nothing is set in stone).  

I don't know as the daylight grows shorter, my morning walks are just got as enjoyable.  Which means it's time to move inside to either pedaling or working out to videos.  (I have about 5...I'd say they are starting to get old, but the fact of the matter is they ARE old and I know just about every second of every single one.)

I will be walking several miles every Wednesday since those are the in office days.  (Although I haven't been back to the office in two weeks due to personal conflicts.)  It's about a mile down in the morning and a mile back (uphill) at night.  Plus the walk from the station to the office (through enclosed corridors which I know I will come to appreciate more as the weather gets colder.)  But it's not the same...especially with schlepping a heavy tote bag with a laptop and other "junk."

It's time to hang up the reflective vest for another season.  I just have to remind myself that spring will come again.  My sneakers will be waiting for me.


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