An Exciting Day

Wednesday, October 19th:  It was a big day in my household.  My son drove to school for the first time.  Even more important, I didn't have a nervous breakdown over it.

One of the reasons I didn't have an anxiety attack was because I was not at home.  Wednesday is office day.  So while he was still lounging in bed (due to standardized testing he didn't have to be at school until after nine), I was walking down to the bus stop.  Walking quickly because I am always afraid I will miss the bus (even though I give myself a 5 minute buffer) and because it was COLD this morning.  There was FROST on some lawns and I was warming a relatively warm jacket, but not completely appropriate for the morning.  Why?  Because I knew it was going to warm up and by the time I got home and headed UP HILL to the house, I wouldn't need a jacket.  (I'd have to stuff it in my tote bag along with my laptop, purse, lunch box and other assorted crap that I feel compelled to carry.)

You all know how I feel about going into the office once a week.  I'm not thrilled.  I don't see the point.  However, today was amazingly different!

First off, I was NOT the first person on the floor.  My co-worker beat me in by a few minutes. Of course she just walks up from the parking garage and I have to walk from the station.  Today, I tried to take it slower because I figured there was no rush.  It was nice NOT to be the first person AND to have all the lights on when I came in.  (Although I do kind of like when it I'm just working by the light of the window.  I used to do that all the time in our old office.  Back then I was sitting directly next to a big window with a great view, so who needed overheads?)

Secondly, I asked and found out where I can get supplies.  I have never gotten so excited over office supplies before and I'm not sure why I was this time?  Maybe because without a pair of scissors and a tape dispenser I just don't feel "whole?"  I didn't ask for much because I honestly don't need a lot.  The scissors, tape, a few binder clips (which to be honest were not for work, but for the bag of Chex Mix that I brought in to snack on) and a notebook are all that I needed.  (Maybe I should have asked for a pens too?  I have one that I brought in from the "old" and that's really all that I need.)  The person in charge of supplies is incredibly nice.  I was acting like a little kid on Christmas morning and he was Santa.  I swear I'm going to get him a red hat and suit because he is the man!  It's the little things, right?

However, as they say in the commercials, "but wait there's more."  Corporate fleece jackets were available.  Do I really need another fleece?  (Especially as I have my company one from 2020?)  Heck yes!  If they are giving them out, I'm taking.  I've never felt that I (or my company/division) was really a part of the group, so if they are giving away swag, I am taking it!  Of course, I'm leaving my company fleece and travel coffee mug here to make my mark, but...

Finally, there are people here today.  People that I don't know.  I'd have to say that there are at least 20 people on this floor.  Maybe there are even 30!  I realize that is really not that many on a floor that can hold over a hundred (I'm guessing), but this is a BIG change.  I was actually in the ladies room with someone who I'd never seen before.  Work stations two rows behind me have people in them.  (Not a lot of people, but people.)  The area way behind me (up against what I consider to be the "back" wall) must have a least one person working because the lights are on in that area.  There MAY actually be people working on the other side of the floor.  There is actual noise and not just the sound of cold air (yes, STILL cold air) being blown out of the air ducts.  Who are they?  Where did they come from?  Why are they here?  Are they just here on Wednesdays or do they come in other days?  Will I see them again?  And WHY are people from floor 3 coming up to the floor 4 kitchen?  Do we have better snacks?  (FYI:  You have to pay for them and yes, I have wondered how I could go about taking them without paying.  Are there really cameras watching every area?  How much is that pack of M&Ms?)

This doesn't make coming to work any less stressful, but it DOES make it more interesting.  If I have to be here, it might as well be interesting.  I'd say I'll find out more next week, but I'm taking the day off.  My son and several other students (probably about 2 dozen) are participating in the first ever cabaret evening at the school and there was no way I could commute back and forth and be there in time, so...

Let's see if the first Wednesday in November brings as much excitement.


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