Another Day in the Office

I was back in the office on Wednesday.  It had been three weeks since I had last gone it due to personal scheduling conflicts (like getting my son a driver's license last Wednesday morning:  As much as I would like to avoid going into the office (because I get more done working from home and it's so much more convenient), it was not something that could be avoided forever, so Wednesday, Oct 12th meant packing up a (heavy) tote bag and catching a bus again.

The tote bag was heavy because in addition to my laptop and lunch pack (in which I did not pack enough lunch, but we'll get to that in a minute), were two framed photos and an empty travel coffee mug.  I am going to have to be in a boring "work space" I can at least personalize it a bit.  So I found two photos (one of which used to be on my desk when I worked in a different office) and packed them up.  One is of my very young son with Pluto and Mickey in Epcot.  (This may have been his first trip in 2008.)  The other is of the three of us from a vacation to Skytop  pre-pandemic.  The coffee mug was one that I used to take my coffee in when I worked at the "old" location.  It is a reminder of what was and I think that's important.

Despite knowing what I was doing commute wise, I was still anxious about getting the bus, especially as the bus I intended to get didn't show up on the transit app right away.  (Maybe I shouldn't have looked two hours in advance?  I freely admit that I'm a crazed planner.)  I made sure I was dressed business casual, but comfortable.  (I think it's time that I donated some shoes to the thrift shop. It is doubtful that I will ever wear heels to the office again and I have several pairs that have been sitting in the closet for ages.  Some of which I actually got at the thrift shop and have never worn!)  Knowing that it was cool that morning but going to get warm, I specifically wore my company fleece with the intention of leaving it on my work station chair because it is chilly in the office.  (They are pumping out masses of cold air into a space where. there are very few people.)

Left the house at 7:02 as the bus was supposed to come at 7:32.  Tried NOT to look at the app as I walked because it would just slow me down.  (I was probably walking faster than I did earlier in the morning on my walk.)  As I got closer, I saw that I had plenty of time, so I slowed down, only to then see that the bus was going to get in early.  As it was, I still got to the corner with 10+ minutes to spare.

There was more traffic on this ride than my last, but then again this time I was taking a later bus.  (Although despite what the schedule says, I can't see it getting in at 8 AM; 8:10 is much more realistic.)  Walked to the office through the enclosed corridors (no city streets for me) and still got to my "desk" before anyone else was in.  (And I still haven't figured out how the lights work in this place.)  I managed to set up "my space" and hit the ladies room before anyone else showed up.

I spent the day  Work that I could have done anywhere.  Other than having my manager's manager's manager (does that make sense?) stop by to chat with our three person team (he is on the floor below us), there was no other major social interaction.  (Which is what I thought this was supposed to be about.)  To be honest, the most social thing I did was go with my co-worker downstairs to the concourse and pick up some snacks at the little marketplace as I didn't have breakfast and the coffee that I attempted to make in the office was only so-so.  (Reminder; bring more snacks as I spent way too much on a little baggie of Chex mix and a pack of gum.)

After 8 hours of sitting there, I made the walk to the station, got on the express bus and headed home.  It is a LONG walk uphill at the end of the day.  I'm certainly NOT looking forward to it when the weather is cold and/or rainy.  And that was it.

Today is another day.  I'm working from home.  I will be even more social with lots of phone calls on my agenda and I will get more done because I'm cutting down on the commute and stress.  I'll continue to do what "needs" to be done, even when that means doing less so that I can go sit in an office.  While I may not be thrilled about it and I cannot see the point, I (for the most part) like my job.  I NEED my job.  I think I'm pretty good at my job.  I'll keep going, wherever I may be going to.


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