I Want It! But I Can't Have It!


I'm not a Rolling Stones fan (just never got into them...and Mick Jagger...I'll NEVER understand his appeal, but...), but they were right when they said "You can't always get what you want..."

File this under first world "problems":  Barefoot wines just released a limited-edition wine:  BAREFOOT X OREO THINS RED BLEND.  Chocolate and wine?  Be still my heart!  You can't possibly go wrong with this combination.  (Well maybe you can, but I can't see it.  Of course I'm also the woman who pairs Barefoot Riesling with popcorn so there's that.)  This tantalizing package, which I've heard about on the news and been following much too closely (I need something to take my mind off all the stresses of the day), was released today.  For $25 measly bucks (I'm not including shipping cost here) you get 2 bottles of wine and a package of Oreo thins.  The description is mouthwatering:  "Barefoot x OREO THINS Red Blend will send your tastebuds into fits of rich, chocolate-y delight. Enjoy a scrumptious medley of blackberry and dark cherry aromas as they transition into delicate flavors of chocolate, cookies and crème, followed by a smooth, lingering finish."  This all adds up to the perfect gift for me from me!  

Just one problem...you need to order this off of Barefoot's website, and they don't ship to NJ.  ARUGH!  It's all part of a HORRIBLE law (why haven't we repealed it yet?) form 2012 that only allows New Jersey residents to have up to 12 cases of wine per year shipped to their home from small wineries (making 250,000 gallons of wine or less per year). Retailer shipping prohibited.  Barefoot is not a small winery.  So no direct shipping.

This isn't a problem when it comes to getting one of my favorite Rieslings or their sweet red blend (and no this isn't an advertisement for Barefoot...although I will admit that it's starting to sound like one).  I can easily go to my favorite liquor/wine store and pick up a bottle.  (I frequently do).  However, this is a limited-edition product.  As far as I know (and if I'm wrong, NOW is the time to let me know), can only be shipped directly from Barefoot.  

I realize that I COULD order this and have it sent to a friend or relative in another state.  (How rude would it be to do this?)  Let's face it, that's a pain in the you know what.  It's definitely more hassle than it's worth.

I also realize that I could just purchase some Oreos and open a bottle of red wine (I suppose it wouldn't even have to be Barefoot) and go for it, but that's not the point.  I want to have the experience of getting this unique wine and the Oreos delivered to my front door.  (When you read that sentence did you hear a whiney voice?  I bet you did.)  Why can't I have my wine and Oreos?  It's NOT fair!  (Insert image of stomping feet here.)

Okay, so I'm not really having a total meltdown over this (or maybe I am?).  In the scheme of things, this is really NOT a problem; it's not even a blip when it comes to all the issues that I deal with on a daily basis (and boy, have I been dealing with them).  But it would be nice to be able to order this for myself.  Maybe in my spare time (HA!)  I should be working to get my representatives to repeal this silly law.  (Apparently Andrew Zwicker who represents the 16th Legislative District in the New Jersey General Assembly is all for it:  https://www.njspotlightnews.org/2021/04/op-ed-assemblyman-andrew-zwicker-legislation-end-wine-shipment-cap-arbitrary-ban-tax-revenue/  GO Andrew!)

Until then, I guess I'll just have to stick with my Riesling and popcorn.


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