Congratulations! You've Got Covid-19!

Now what?

Are you tired of this?  I know I am tired of this...

Since March of 2020 (which was at least a century ago), I've been doing my best to avoid Covid.  (Haven't we all?  I sure the heck hope so.)  I've worn the mask.  I've gotten vaccinated.  I've gotten boosted.  And guess what...I got sick.

Let me say that although I TRIED to be good and follow the rules, I was far from perfect.  There was a time (brief) when I felt comfortable not wearing a mask in the grocery store.  ( That didn't last long.  Things changed; the virus evolved and the masks went on.  (BTW, the guy in the teal jacket still works in the frozen section at ShopRite and he's STILL not wearing the mask properly.  For reference:

However, I have made some mistakes. I went to a concert at the end of November.  As I entered with friends I notice that very few people were masked.  I decided NOT to wear my mask.  This was BEFORE the first case of Omicron was detected in the United States.  (Although you KNOW it was here.)  Guess what, I got sick.  NOT with Covid...I got a run of the mill cold.  I didn't feel great for several days.  I took DayQuil and NiteQuil.  Lesson learned:  Masks work...for ALL sorts of airborne diseases.

Then my son went to a party recently.  A LOT of teens in large banquet hall (which I would think would be well ventilated).  A day or so later someone tested positive.  Then several of his friends were not feeling great and getting tested.  My son was not feeling great and we kept him out of school (How I wish remote learning had been an option because he wasn't feeling great, but he COULD have been learning virtually.)  My husband and I weren't feeling great.  I kept a positive outlook and hoped for a negative test result for my son.  We didn't get it and Christmas Eve (just hours before we would have gone to church and possibly spread it), we changed our plans.

The important thing to note is that we were all vaccinated, but (I'm assuming) Omicron broke through.  Because we were vaccinated we felt pretty shitty.  But we were still able to celebrate Christmas at home...just the three of us.  We ate good food. I drank wine (probably not the best choice, but...).  We opened presents.  We watched A Christmas Story non-stop.  (Pausing occasionally to watch the Yule log.)  We spoke to family and friends.  It wasn't a bad Christmas... It wasn't the Christmas I had envisioned, but it is what we were handed and it was okay.

So now what?  Christmas is over.  My son says he's feeling pretty good.  I think he sounds a little congested, but...   Today (December 28th) I'm feeling pretty good although I still am a little congested.  I have a few minor aches (but that could be from the stair stepper that I've been using; yes, I've been well enough to still do some exercise).  My ears are no longer "raw".   I'm a little tired, but not as much as I was in previous days.  My husband seems to still be feeling cruddy, but hopefully in the next day or so he will turn a corner. If we weren't still in the middle of a pandemic (and sadly we ARE...yes, I'm tired of saying that), I'd think we all just had colds and would have gone on with life.  (And likely spreading my germs all the way.)  But we're not.  I think we've learned. 

What are we doing? Not much.  We're resting.  We're drinking plenty of fluids.  We are staying the heck away from everybody.

We aren't we doing?  We aren't going anywhere.  We're not pushing ourselves.   

Once this is over what will I do?  I will continue to wear a mask in public.  I will get my son boosted (when it is safe).  I will stay socially distant.  Most importantly, I will continue to encourage others to do the same.

This pandemic sucks.  But if we follow the guidelines of medical professionals, MAYBE we will finally get back to some semblance of normal.  MAYBE we won't take the steps back that we have had to take.  And MAYBE next Christmas will be one that I can spend with my extended family and those that I love.


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