Numbers and dates have gotten a bad rap through the years.  "Beware the Ides of March."  (Especially if your name if Julius Caesar.)  Be careful on Friday the 13th,  (Although it's always been a good date for me... was even married on Friday the 13th and despite some disastrous weather during the day it turned out to be a great party and heck I'm still married...pretty happily too.)  There are days that history will mark as dark forever:  December 7th, September 11th.  But for me December 10th is going to go down as one of the really bad ones.  But I don't know if I should fear December 10th or fear all Friday the 10ths.  After yesterday I'll probably end up doing both.

They say bad things happens in threes.  Based on my experience on December 10th, it really is 4s. (Because why stop at three?)  I'm not saying that yesterday was the worst day of my life or even the worst time of my life, but it will go down in my personal history as one of the worst.


  • I spent the majority of my day (while I was also working) on the phone with doctor's offices.  Yes, my father's stress test results/procedure clearance was SUPPOSED to happen yesterday.  I called my contact at the spine doctor's office to see if they'd gotten anything; they hadn't.  I called the cardiologist's office to get his results faxed which they said they would.  I called the spine doctor's office to see that they got it...they hadn't and the coordinator gave me her direct fax line.  I called the cardiologist's office and spoke to my contact (Pam) and found out they faxed the information from LAST week (the "clearance" where they said he was high risk) again.  Then I found out that the results had NOT be transcribed because apparently there was no one to do it and so the results wouldn't get over to the spine doctor's office till around Wednesday (over a week AFTER he had the nuclear stress test).  Then later I heard that they HAD faxed Tuesday's results to the spine doctor's office, but the spine doctor's office said it was just a sheet of paper; they need the doctor to write down that based on the result of this test, my father is medically cleared for this procedure and the cardiologist needs to sign it.  I was told I MAY be able to get this on Monday. (By the way this was the last day my contact Pam at the cardiologist's office would be working there; she is leaving to work for another physician...not a cardiologist.)  I'd been trying to do this on my own; leaving my parents out of it so they wouldn't get stressed and so that I could be providing them with information at the end and not involve them in all the back and forth.  That didn't happen...and has it turns out...we MAY have verbal clearance and a nurse from the spine doctor's office is supposed to follow up with the cardiologist's office on Monday.  I'm going to have to "let" that happen and if I don't have anything solid by the end of Monday, I'll be back working the phones (and getting completely stressed out) on Tuesday.
  • My husband is building himself a new computer system.  He does not just have a laptop or desktop like "normal" people do.  His computer is a huge system full of stuff that I don't understand (like multiple external hard drives) that contains tons of information and things that make our life better.  (Like music.)  He has been working on this for over a week now. (That's how complicated and time consuming this process is.)  Its hard work and he can be a bear.  (I try to be understanding...quite often I fail.)  Yesterday, two of his hard drives which contain some extremely important information, were not recognized.  To say that the situation wasn't pretty is like saying The Towering Inferno was a little movie about a fire.  (If you aren't aware of the 1970s disaster film genre, it's time to Google it.)  He was a mess.  The office was a mess.  It was a can figure out where I am going with this.  In the end, after MANY hours, it looks like things are ok, but...
  • My son got very disappointing news about the high school musical.  (If you follow this blog, you know how theater is important to our family.)  He had auditioned and been called back to read for a specific part.  A part that he thought he nailed.  He actually came home and said he was 80% sure he would get this role and based on what I knew, it seemed like a part that he would do exceedingly well in.  (It requires more acting and less singing/dancing.  It would also require him to play a bullying ass, which I KNOW he can pull off.)  He did not get the part; it went to an underclassman who has not yet put in the time and effort that my son has over the years.  Additionally, (and I know I am extremely biased here) I think my son is a stronger actor than the young man who was cast.  The young man who was cast is good, but I know my son would be better.  This is not the only disappointment, several seniors who have put their heart and soul into the program were not given leading roles; roles that I know from watching them work and grow over the years, they would shine in and yes, would reward all their hard work.  I also think that the show is not the best choice for the students (based on their strengths and talents) and while has a large cast, some who auditioned were still left out.  My son has proven to be more mature and wise than I can ever have imagined; he's disappointed, but he has accepted the role he has been given even though he thinks the show was cast poorly and he upset at what happened to some of his friends.
  • Michael Nesmith died.  He is the reason I started this blog.  On April 12 2013, my husband took me to see him in concert.  I had seen him before in concert (and even met him after the show) in the 1990s.  The show was so good, so moving that I HAD to write something.  This is what I wrote. From that one concert came 8 years (thus far) of writing and blogging.  What you are now reading would not have been here if it weren't for him and that concert.  He continued to inspire me with his words and music:  He was an inspiration to me; and I know I'm not the only one.  In the midst of all of yesterday's personal crap, my husband played his version of "Beyond the Blue Horizon" (from one of my favorite albums of all times, Magnetic South).  We held each other and we cried.  Early on in his career, Michael Nesmith wrote and performed under the pseudonym, Michael Blessing; he was one.

Today is December 11th.  Yesterday is behind me.  I am a little sadder.  I am tired.  I am disappointed.  I go on.  Before any of yesterday's crap really hit, I found the photo that heads up this blog post.  I represented me then and it represents me now.  I go on.


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