Why I Was Up At 3:55 on August 4th


There's an old saying:  "A man may work from sun to sun, but a woman's work is never done."  I embody that saying most days.  Yesterday I REALLY owned it.

When my eyes snapped open before 4 in the morning, there was no closing of the eyes for another 15 or 20 minutes. (I would have done on a normal day since my early alarm goes off at 4:13 and if I'm tired or being "lazy" [am I lazy?] my later alarm goes off at 4:48.  Yes, I know those are odd times, but I am odd.)  It was up and throw on some "workout clothes" (aka a top from the day before and a pair of shorts) and get out the door as quickly.  But not before running to the basement to pick up the lawn signs that declared there was a birthday at the house.  I needed to do that after my 5 mile walk.  (Which is taking me longer and longer to do these days.  Almost 20 minutes per mile which is awful, but as discouraging as that may be, I'm not giving up.  And I'm not giving up on the early mornings because I know putting it off to later in the day is the kiss of death.)

5.21 miles later (or an hour and 40 minutes), the sun was almost up.  Before putting up the lawn signs, I had a cicada killer wasp to do in.  (https://bfthsboringblog.blogspot.com/2017/08/this-is-not-your-home.html)  Yes, they are back, and I'm trying to keep them in check.  (Although, as always we are failing miserably.)  Then it was time to artfully decorate the lawn.  I thought about balloons, but I didn't think they went over so well last year and those darned number balloons can be pretty expensive.  Plus the birthday boy had to work for most of the day.  (Yes, he was shocked when I told him he had to work.)

Then, before showering, I made sure to cut up/prep veggies for dinner (boy asked for pot roast) and freeze the remainder (for the next pot roast because...pot roast). Dug out the silly birthday hat and sippy cup (a sort of tradition...I "make" him use this sippy cup once a year).

Then it was time to get ready for work (because I have to work too...thankfully from home).  Had to make sure I was appropriately decked out for the day. ( https://bfthsboringblog.blogspot.com/2021/08/i-cant-stop-wearing-old-clothes.html) Then, before he woke up, I had to wrap his bedroom door in birthday streamers. (I've reused these over the years...it works to a point.  I think these have reached the end and next year I'll need to run to the party store for a new supply.)

Threw some cinnamon rolls in the oven (because what says birthday better than cinnamon rolls and juice in a sippy cup) before the kid woke up.  Amazingly, he was in a GOOD mood when he came downstairs.  (This is a rarity.) There wasn't much time as he had to get to work; presents would wait till later.

Drove him to work and mentioned to his boss that it was his 16th birthday.  (Good thing I did...she said she'd forgotten.  But somehow she pulled off a birthday cupcake with candle and had all the kids sing to him on the lunch break.)  Then I needed to rush home to get to "work."

If my son hadn't been working on his birthday, I would have taken the day off because Wednesdays are my busiest (and craziest) day of the week with meetings/calls pretty much non-stop from ten in the morning to four in the afternoon.  I had decided to reschedule the only call I was the "owner" of so that I would have time midday to run out and pick up his birthday cake. 

Turned out to be a very wise decision.  The cake was being made by the incredible Sweet Avenue Bake Shop, a vegan bakery (because I NEED a place that I can trust NOT to use eggs).  The shop is conveniently located close to my office...except that I don't have an office any more.  So it IS a little bit of a drive; 10 miles from my house.  However, I figured it would be easy enough to get to midday since traffic on Route 3 would be minimal.  What I DIDN'T figure on was the construction on Route 3 which closed not one, but TWO entrance ramps.  (Actually one of the ramps WAS open, but only to get onto Route 46).  The third ramp was open, but it had changed from a right hand entranceway to left, which requires a challenging turn.  It didn't take me long to get to the bakery once I was on Route 3, but getting onto it meant driving around in circles and back tracking until I could finally find a way to get on!  (Waze is usually excellent at helping me out in these situations, but sadly failed me miserably this time around.)

Picking up the cake was a breeze.  The ladies who run the shop are so sweet and remembered me.  (Even though it's been a year since I've been in.  When I worked close by I was a semi-regular customer.)  Walking into their store is like walking into heaven...it smells so good!   They did a beautiful job on the cake.  Even more important it was delicious. If you need a vegan bakery or if you have dairy, egg or gluten allergies/issues, this is THE place to go!

Getting home was a lot easier than getting there (no ramp closures), which was a good thing as I had a last minute project that I had to submit by the end of the day.  And that was in between multiple phone calls!  Additionally, even though he wasn't home my son received a couple of birthday calls and his Great Aunt stopped by to drop off a card and gift.  (She knows how lousy our mail service is.)  I wish I could have spent more time with my aunt, but it was onto another call!   

When the work day finally winded down, it was time to brown the pot roast and veggies before throwing it in the oven.  Clean up the mess (because there always is a mess) and set the dining room table (because the boy wanted to eat in the dining room on is birthday and honestly we really should use the room more because since we got it painted last year it really calls out to be used). 

Finally, right before dinner, my son had a chance to open his gifts.  Think he was pretty pleased with the Converse sneakers, alligator shoes, vest and button down with French cuffs.  (He is a fashionable young man!)  Of course the "paper" gifts he got were very much appreciated!  (Between his job and birthday he is pretty flush with cash!  Maybe I'll have to ask HIM for a loan!)

Dinner turned out nicely (if I do say so myself) and the cake was AMAZING.  Since it was his birthday, I didn't ask my son to help with clean up or even put out the garbage.  Hubby and I took care of everything and by 8:00 I was ready to crash.  And I did!

Because, as Scarlett O'Hara said:  "Tomorrow is another day."  Tomorrow is now today; and so it goes...


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