The Last Catalog

 The other day I got a catalog that warned me on the cover that this might be the last one they ever sent to me!  (Shock and horror!)  The thing is, this catalog has never been in my mailbox before and I've never heard of the company.  However, if I didn't order from them it might be my last.  I think I can live with that.

 Despite my spotty mail service, I have noticed that I am getting more "junk" mail.  I'm definitely getting more solicitations from organizations that I have NEVER donated to before.  Some of I have never heard of before.  And if I don't know you or have a personal connection with you/your organization, you're not getting my money.   That's not to say that I'm not charitable.  I'd like to think I am.  I also know I could and perhaps SHOULD do more.  I just try to be wise when it comes to donations.  I only give to organizations that I truly believe in and have some knowledge about.  And I don't give to ANY political party.  (But that's another story.)

Back to the catalogs.  I have been getting more of them.  This is in addition to the emails that I get on a daily basis.  Emails are hit and miss.  I may check out something from LL Bean (expensive but quality which means I really need to think about what I'm buying and know that it will be around for a long time )or  Disney (I usually end up making a purchase once a year although I could do so much more).  Most of the others (sorry Blair, Kohl’s, Yankee Candle, etc.) end up in my trash.  (That's not including spam.) 

I got one catalog for the first time ever a week or so ago.  (I don't remember the name of it and that's probably a good thing.)  The cover intrigued me enough to lure me in to looking at it.  There was a cardigan that I really liked, but it was a bit pricey. (Remember, I volunteer in a thrift shop, which is where I get most everything.)  So I kept looking and stumbled on towards the back of the catalog some pretty graphic (at least when it came to the detailed description of the product) vibrators!  I've got nothing against vibrators, but it was just weird placement and totally unexpected.

I admit that I am easily lured in by catalogs.  LTD Commodities has been luring me in for years as they send me physical mail AND email.  They charge for shipping which is a turn off for me.  (Bake it into your prices and make me feel like I'm getting a bargain...I know I am probably not.)  When they waive shipping, is when I tend to buy.  (Although usually you have to purchase at least $75 in "crap" in order to get that free shipping.)  Their seasonal stuff is fun, but I have to reel myself in or I'd be buying way too much.  I've also learned that you really need to be careful and discerning.  For example, I love this:

which I change seasonally.  (Just replaced the birthday cupcake with this apple, which will eventually be replaced by a jack o'lantern.)  However, I also purchased "Seasonal Address Stake Set" which was poorly made.  The seasonal signs faded and eventually the chain broke so that we couldn't even try to fix it.  (Hubby fixed it once.)  So a total waste of money.   Should have paid more attention to the reviews.  While there are plenty of good ones, there are some not so good.  Read both to try and get a total picture.

 Which is why I am being extra cautious when it comes to the Signals catalog I received the other day.  Some items were intriguing, but pricey!  I found the Jeffersonian Kintetic Wind Vane really neat, but $199.95 (come on we KNOW it's over $200 when it comes to shipping, which in this case is nearly $20 and taxes).  It's got ONE review, which is 4 star and that's it.  Yes, it looks nice, but...  Do I really want to spend that much money?  (NO!)  Do I really NEED it.  (Again, NO!)

So, for now I'll be "strong" and pass on catalog items.  Even if it is the very last catalog I'll get.  (Highly unlikely.)



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