Who Are You?

There is one person who I hope DOESN'T read this blog post.  I don't know who that person is though and that's the whole point.

Let me start out by saying I try to walk every day.  Or at least every day when it's warm enough and dry enough.  As I wrote earlier, I have osteopenia  so I definitely want to avoid any falls.  (I've only had one really bad fall in all my years of walking and thankfully nothing broke, but my hands and face DID get torn up).  Although I've been moving slower (which I hate), I've been trying to walk longer so that I'm still getting a good distance.  I try, at least Monday - Thursday for the most part, to go just over five miles.

I use an app to track my distance. (I'm back to MapMyWalk, although I've also used Adidas' Runtastic.)  I try to save every walk so that I can look back and track all my miles.  (Although I do forget sometimes and sometimes I forget to start the app but that's another story.)  The app allows me to share to social media, which I frequently do and it shows up like this: 

(yes, my pacing SUCKS)

Anyone who knows me on social media can see this.  (Those lucky people!)  Sometimes people like or comment on it. It's all good and very encouraging.

But here's what happened the on Wednesday afternoon which is kind of embarrassing to me.  (And if you texted me on Wednesday afternoon stop reading right now!  PLEASE!)  I get a text message from a number I don't recognize.  I have an extensive contact list, so most of the time when I get a text, the number doesn't pop up, but the contact name does.  It was not flagged as spam and whoever texted me obviously follows my social media because the message says:  "Congrats on the 5.5 miles.  I walk about that every day, or at least try to.  I've lost 30 lbs. in 6 months."

I have no clue who this person is.  I try to do a look up, which was a heck of a lot easier before we had cell phones.  So needless to say, without spending any money (because I'm either too cheap or too ashamed to do that), the only thing that I know is that the number is registered in NYC.  But just because someone has a cell phone number that is "linked" to New York, doesn't mean they live there currently (or ever did).

I tried to eek out more information by saying:   "that is impressive."  (Indeed it is!  Thirty pounds in 6 months?  I've been losing and gaining the same 5-8 pounds for years and can't seem to get anywhere.  The person did reply:  "When I worked at X as Y, I lost 30 lbs. in THREE months.  I looked like I was wearing 'daddy's hand-me-downs.  This time, though, I lost my gut, which was always stubborn" (I have purposely blocked out the company and the position.)  Ok, I'm trying to think WHO I know who worked at X or had a position that was Y with any company and I'm coming up blank!

I tried to probe a little further, but nothing else really came of it.  And as of today I have absolutely NO idea who texted me.  I have no idea who has lost a good amount of weight.  (And I'll admit that I'm jealous of that.)  I probably never will.  (Unless you are the person who sent the text and have decided to continue reading this post even though I asked you not to.  And if it IS you, I am so incredibly sorry that your phone number is coming up blank for me.  And I didn't realize that you worked for the company that you mentioned...what I should say is that obviously I don't know you as well as you know me and we need to rectify that.  So call or text again and let's laugh over this?  Oh, and you'll need to give me your name!)

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this?  (Please do not tell me that I am the only one.)  How did you handle it?  Any advice on what I should do?  (Because there's nothing like asking an anonymous reader for advice.)



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