I Can't Stop Wearing Old Clothes

 For the past 16 years on this day I have pretty much worn the same thing.   

I think I did make a conscious decision (sort of) back in 2005 to wear something associated with Disney.  And I MAY have made a conscious decision to wear the exact same thing the following year.  But now it's become a tradition and I just can't stop.  Well, almost...

On August 4th I come as close as I can to wearing what I wore the day my son was born.  For 16 years I have always worn this top:  

It was one of several inexpensive sleeveless shirts I bought at least 2 years before my son was born at a now defunct Kmart.  (The vacant building is currently a county vaccination site. GET YOUR VACCINE!)  If I recall correctly I also bought a hot pink button down with Minnie Mouse on it, which I no longer have.  I'm guessing the shirt is close to 20 years old and it's starting to show it's wear (I've used a Clorox bleach pen on it a couple of times.)  Until it utterly falls apart, I think I'll still be wearing it annually on August 4th.  (I used to wear it more regularly, but now it's just my once a year go to.)

Along with this I USUALLY wear these shorts:
There was the time in 2016 when I had to go to work and physically be in an office on my son's birthday (remember those days?).  That year, I went with:  
But for the most part it's been the same WDW shorts.

I recall pretty clearly when and where I purchased these.  It was on our first anniversary trip to Walt Disney World, which dates it to early September 1997.  So yes, these are 24 years old and being purchase in the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom, they were probably overpriced.  (Aren't most things at Disney?)  However, I have to say after all these years whatever the price might have been, I've gotten more than enough use out of them.

In case you don't recall (or haven't been religiously following my blog since 2013...and if you have BRAVO!), this is what I looked like on the afternoon of August 4, 2004.

The pink Minnie Mouse watch is (sadly) gone, but as I did then, I'm still wearing the gold hoop earrings, the "E" necklace (from my husband's grandmother who passed away in January of 2004), and the silver ring I have on the middle finger of my  hand.  (I'm not sure what the other ring is...and it goes without saying that I'm still wearing my wedding ring!)

Call me crazy, but I KNOW I'll be wearing this same outfit again next year...and the year after that and...

Here's to many years of wearing the same thing and even more years of happy birthdays!


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