Time to Vote


It's that time again; time to cast my vote.  Wait!  Isn't the election over; don't we have a new president and new representatives in Congress?  We do.  But I'm not talking nation; I'm talking local.  I'm talking VERY local.  In my neck of the woods it's time for vote for town council

Maybe you think that's not important.  I feel that it's very important; this is my town and the people on the council can have a real impact on my life and my community/environment.

I'm not going to tell you WHO I am voting for (although if you outright ask I will) because for most people reading this it doesn't matter.  They are just names.  For me, however, they are people and the people that I chose to run and nurture the town I live in.  For that reason, I take this election very seriously.   It's NOT a popularity contest (let's leave that back in the high school).  The number of lawn signs or posters do not matter to me (although they are important advertising). It doesn't matter if you are a friend or an acquaintance.  What matters to me is your C & S quotient, which I'll admit it completely subjective.  But it's how I "rate" the candidates when reviewing their literature and answers to questions (either in print or in a public forum).

So what am I looking for?  What is C & S?  Here are the 4 "standards" that I am looking for in my local town council.  

  • Courtesy:  I live in a small town, but no matter where you are in the world, you need to extend courtesy to you neighbors (be that locally or globally).  We don't have to agree with each other all the time (we probably won't) but I'm looking for someone who will listen with respect to all sides and respond courteously.  It's something that I feel is lacking in our world and it's up to our leaders to start showing it.
  • Compassion: We are living in difficult times.  (Ok, when are we NOT living in difficult times?) I'm looking for leaders who have compassion; who can empathize with members of the community who are struggling.  While the town council cannot solve every problem; members should be able to compassionately direct a person to the right resources.
  • Common Sense:  I know, it's NOT common at all, but I'm looking for someone who has it.  For example, someone who recognizes his/her own limitations and seeks out expert advice when it is called for.  Someone who respects the past and recognizes that it may not be best for the future, but who also realizes that in "the old ways" may still have some validity. Someone who understands what works for one community may not work for ours.  Someone who lives in the present, but has an eye on the future.
  • Service: Any elected official is a public servant.  That's important to remember.  I'm looking for someone who is willing to serve the community.  I look to see how they have served in the past; what they have served in the past.  I'm looking for someone who is committed to the community even if they DON'T win, not someone who is just looking to get their name in the media.
I will be voting next Tuesday for the candidates that I feel meet the highest standards of the C & S.  Because I know I will not agree with any candidate 100% of the time. (It's just not possible.)  However, candidates that meet the Bfth C & S standard will, in my mind, make my community a better place.


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