“The only constant in life is change” Heraclitus


Truer words could not be spoken and Heraclitus (probably) said this around 500 BC.  That's a LONG time ago and yet they still apply.  Perhaps they apply now more than ever!

I feel like it really applies to my family right now.  Just last week I wrote about the last quarter of the school year.  The final quarter of 2020-2021 started on Thursday, the 22nd.  Now he could go in for a full day (with lunch outside the school) every other day.  So he had a "real" day on Friday, the 23rd, Tuesday the 27th and Thursday the 29th. (We actually thought the 29th might turn into a partial day because if it rains, everyone has to leave for lunch and not return.) It went well.  It went so well that...

Starting next Wednesday, he (and all those who chose to go in for a full day) will be going in EVERY single day!  (Again, lunch will have to be outside.)  It's almost like what school USED to be; except not every student will be there (because remote is still an option as well as a  partial day...I think).  It's a good thing, except my son is not too sure about it.  Let's just say that he doesn't mean being home in the morning.  (He's NOT a morning person.)  

What's going to be killer is Tuesday and Thursday when he has choir rehearsal during "period 0" which is before school at 7:15.  Period 0 was difficult enough when he had to get in front of a computer by 7:15; getting him up, dressed, fed and to the school by that time IS going to a challenge.  (And not just for him!) The real killer is that the first day of in person choir is also the day that the musical he is in opens.  So he'll be out late on Wednesday with a final dress (which is off campus at a location in the next two over where they have a professional outdoor theater set up) and then be up early and at school before 7:15, have all his classes, come home a "relax" before his call at 6 pm that night.  Even though I think getting back to a (somewhat) normal way of life is good, the timing in this is not great. Missing the first "real" class is not cool either since they have a concert the following week. (Don't know what that is going to look like either!)

While my son will be back in school, I will still be working from home.  However, there are changes on my horizon as well. I'll be reporting to a new manager over the next couple of weeks.  For four years I worked for the President of the company.  It was a comfortable relationship.  Then the company was acquired and in January 2020 I started working for a different department (but with the same people). The person I worked for was (is) great, but she knows the corporate aspects and is not familiar with the workings of the company division.   This has been a challenge for both of us.  Now a year and a half later, I'll be starting with someone else.  This is not a bad thing (she comes from a company that was acquired just a few months after mine was so she knows that challenges that I have faced over the pear year or so.  And have you figured out that the corporation I work for likes to buy up smaller companies?).  It most likely will be a good thing.  It is most definitely change.

Change IS the constant in all our lives.  It has been since..well...forever.  Change is not going away.  We will always be bombarded with change.  The best thing I can do (we can do?) is accept it and embrace it.  Nothing is permanent.  One change is not the end; it is only the beginning of the next.


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