I Am NOT Having A Good Morning...

 I'm having a bad day.  Not a terrible day.  No one is sick or dead or injured.  There have been no major catastrophes (yet...maybe I shouldn't have said that).  Today is just a bad day.

It started before I even got up.  I had one of those really weird dreams that when you wake up makes you will ill at ease, strange and uncomfortable.  It's a type of dream that I've had before.  That I've lost a baby/child that I am looking after for some reason.  Sometimes the child is mine; but most of the times it's not.  The child just disappears.   But before the child or baby disappears, it gets smaller.  I know that makes no sense but it is a dream (and God knows I have strange ones) and while I know I am looking after a child, the child may start out child sized, but then becomes pea sized. So this "pea" vanishes and I'm in a panic.  Then I wake up.  So is anyone out there well versed in dream interpretation?  I'm sure someone could have a field day.

I woke up (anxious) just as my alarm was going off.  I try to wake up before it goes off and shut it down before it goes so that it doesn't disturb my husband.  After all I'm waking up at 4:13 so that I can go walking before 5.  I quickly turned off the alarm and went to grab underwear, which I had laid out (like I do every night) on the top of a small bookcase on my side of the room.  I've done this daily for longer than I care to remember, but today my arm/hand hit a little glass vial which had a pair of earrings in it.  (That's how Yellow Owl ships them.)  The vial was small, but...

(And yes these are the earrings that were in the vial and they are the earrings that I am wearing today.  Truly captures my mood.)

Of course my husband wakes up.  He's not happy.  (Can you blame him?)  I have to turn on the light and try and find all the pieces.  Which I thought I had, but...To be sure I go downstairs and get the little hand vacuum and go over the area.  Go back downstairs and put it on the charger (doing all of this with no lights on downstairs) before coming back up to get ready to go for my walk.

Now my timing is off.  When I finally get going, I'm not really going as far or as fast as I'd like to.  I'm just not feeling it?  I don't feel that steady on my feet.

I get home later than I'd like.  I need to move my car because supposedly the construction crew is coming to start working on the patio today.  (That's a whole other blog post that I'm not yet ready to write.)  Of course as I post this, they are still not here.  (Just like yesterday when they came to deliver the supplies at 7 in the morning, it was actually after 8 when they arrived.)

I go back upstairs to get ready for work and try to rouse my son out of bed because for the 2nd day in a row he has neglected to set his alarm.  (And yes, I KNOW you can set a recurring alarm on your phone and I've told him that as well, but...)  That's when I find even more glass that is out in the hallway.  So I pull the big vacuum out of the hall closet and try to get everything up.  (You know no matter how many times I go over the area, there's going to be a lurking piece of glass that will find someone at the worst possible moment.)  The canister (it's a bagless vacuum) is now full.  I've yet to empty it out and I'll admit that I'm kind of afraid to.  (Can you blame me?)

I won't even get into work.  Wednesdays are always the busiest days of the week with multiple phone meetings.  (Thankfully the camera is almost always off.  Today it is DEFINITELY off.)  I also have to squeeze in some time to get my son to work. (Yes, he has a job!)  This also means rearranging dinner because his hours this week (and I expect going forward, but who knows) conflict with the family meal.  (I am NOT complaining about this...this is one of the GOOD things about this day/week.  The teen has his first job!)

I'll figure it all out.  I'll get it all done.  It won't be the best of days, but they can't all be...I'll just take a deep breath and hope for a calmer one tomorrow!

UPDATE:  After waiting and waiting I finally texted the contractor  Guess what?  He's not coming today after all.  Supposedly sent me a text that didn't go through.  Now work doesn't start to FRIDAY.  UGH!  The big problem I have with contractors (actually with most people in general) is that they don't keep you INFORMED!


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