Learning From the Locals


Yesterday was our town council election.  One of the coolest/nicest things about this local election is that no parties are involved.  The candidates represent their ideas and values and not what a party wants.  To me, it seems as if more and more elected representatives are led by the parties they are affiliated with and NOT by the needs of the people.  Certainly the candidates for the town council have political affiliations, but they are not part of this race.  Candidates have to stand on their own two feet and have their own ideas. I like that.  I want to see more of that and not just on a local level.  I think that's one of the reasons that I am so passionate about our local elections. (Even though I would NEVER want to be an elected official.  For me it would be too much pressure and stress; where every move you make is wrong in some way, even when you know in your heart it is right.)

In general, at the local level (or at least my local level), the candidates truly DO have the community in their hearts.  The campaigns are (mostly) self-funded.  Advertising is minimal; mostly allotted to lawn signs that dot the town.  I'm hoping those signs will go away soon because while they are important to the cause, once the election is over, they are just a nuisance.

Which brings me to another point.  The lone incumbent in the race got my vote for many reasons, but I'd like to talk about one that seems simple on the surface, but I don't think it's really that simple.  When he ran last time, one of signs was on my front lawn (as well as his own and numerous other neighbors on our block).  At the time, I mentioned how much I hated signs lingering after the election was over.  He promised that his signs would be gone the next day/morning.  And they were.  A little thing?  Perhaps?  An example that he is a man of his word?  Definitely.  (Note:  I had a sign on my lawn again this year.  As I was sitting here writing this, I happened to look out my front window.  My sign is gone as is the one on his lawn and the rest of the neighbors.)  He also had the forethought/wisdom NOT to put the election date or the ballot line number on these signs.  The sign that I had on my lawn this year, it could be the same one that was on my lawn years ago.  He's used his money wisely and he's also done his bit to help the environment.  (I hope everyone else follows suit.)  It should also be noted that the budgets of two of the winners were the smallest.  So it's not necessarily about the money, but who you are and how wisely you use it.

It seems to me that the "higher" ups in the political could take a lesson from my local candidates.  I wish the bigger fish in the pond would follow their example.  Use your own money.  Stand by your word.  Be conscious of the world and the environment around you.  (Don't laugh too hard as you read that.)  If the "bigwigs" would follow suit, I'd feel a LOT better about our country's leaders.  (Is anybody listening?  ANYBODY?)

I commend the five candidates that ran and congratulate the three that won seats.  I hope you will follow your hearts and minds when making decisions that affect the town.  That you make decisions that benefit the community, and not yourself.  You are local leaders; I, and the rest of the community, are counting on you.


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