Serious Problems/Petty Problems

 What can I say about the first full week of 2021?  It certainly didn't meet the expectations that I had as the week began when I wrote a mediation for a church service ( and my thoughts on Epiphany ( obviously weren't read/heard by people who perhaps needed to follow.  When I wrote those words, I certainly wouldn't have imagined that thugs (which is really too kind of a word to describe them) who delusionally call themselves patriot would attempt to hold Congress hostage and destroy American democracy.  (In typing this sentence I made a typo, which I think actually should be a word:  Democrazies.)  I could go on and write about my disappointment, disgust, heartbreak, etc., but...for me, it's rather move on.  NOT to forget (for we should NEVER forget what took place in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021), but try to be rational human beings and move towards something, if not better, saner.  (Sanity, it's highly underrated.)

So it seems somewhat selfish, in light of the fact that at least 5 people (including one police officer from my state) died as a result of this rioting mob that I bitch about the fact that the USPS has misdelivered (yet again) a package that I have been waiting for.  It is certainly NOT life threatening, nor does it bring about torment or terror as those criminal invaders of our nation's capital, but it is frustrating and annoying.

I placed an order on December 30th.  It left it's destination that day and went to a regional distribution center on the 31st.  By the 4th of January (it was a holiday weekend after all), it had arrived in Jersey City, NJ (about 15 miles away).  There is sat.  Day by day.  Every day it said it was in transit, but delayed.  It sat there on the 4th and the 5th and the 6th and the 7th and the 8th.  It never moved.  Maybe a hour drive from my house (and if there had been anyway to go and retrieve it, I would have).  On the 9th it moved from Jersey City to Kearny; approximately 9 miles.  On the 11th it left Kearney and moved to Montclair and was SUPPOSEDLY out for delivery in Verona as of 7:16 AM.  

I watched as it said that expected delivery time was between 9 and 2:45.  Our mail was delivered around 2.  It came as no surprise to me that there was no package.  The USPS website then updated and said that I could expect my package by 4:30. So 4:30 came and went I have to say anything?  The website now said that I would get my package by 9 PM.

I'm sitting at my computer, typing away (as I often am) and happened to refresh the USPS screen and to my surprise it says my package has been delivered.  Now, I have a security system and nothing has appeared on my camera, so I'm thinking it hasn't been delivered, but maybe this mail person was particularly stealthy.  So I go check the mailbox:  NOTHING.

Then I look at the website again and see this:

Yes, that's right, even though my package was out for delivery in Verona, NJ it was delivered to an address/mailbox in Montclair.

Maybe the person who received it will put it out and let the post office know that they've delivered to the wrong town.  (As I have done in the past.)  Maybe they won't.  Maybe they'll keep the package.  (I wouldn't blame them...after all it was in their mailbox).  Who knows...

I have contacted the company.  Maybe they'll do something about it.  I have not yet contacted the local  post office because I've been down this road too many times before.  (Perhaps you might remember the saga of Oprah magazine which went missing for months and months...)  I've tried...others have told me they've tried.  Apparently our local area post office just doesn't care.  Imagine that, a government agency that doesn't seem to care.

I can safely say one thing; while I have a legitimate complaint that I can back up with documentation and facts, when I to take this up to a higher authority than just our local area (I'm about to fill out an ever popular on line form), even though I am frustrated, annoyed and perhaps even angry, I WILL do so with consideration.  I know there is a process to be followed if I want to try and find a resolution, using the evidence that I have.  Finally, as frustrating as this may be to me, in order to get a resolution I need to act in a calm and rational manner.

Maybe there is a lesson to be learned in this silly, petty problem after all?


  1. I'm sorry, I wasn't around for the Oprah magazine saga, so forgive me if you've already tried this - but I've done the USPS online complaint form a couple of times and had success with them tracking items down for me when the local office blew my complaints off. In non-Covid times, I also went to the local distribution center and they had a whole office there of people who just follow up on lost mail. But my distribution center is 1-mile away so this might not be practical for everyone. And all of this was before DeJoy.


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