New Beginnings

New beginnings
Start today

New beginnings
Fresh and warm like the rays of sun on a cold day
Comforting and embracing like a beloved hug
Heartwarming as the smile of a friend
The soothing of the soul can begin today

Now is the time
For hearts to heal
As we listen with our ears and hear truth
As we see with our eyes and recognize our fellow man
Not for what we think he could be, but for what he is
So much like us; a human being with hopes and dreams

We have the opportunity (and we always have) to start anew
To refresh and renew
To reject hate;
Not to turn a blind eye to it, but to reject
To condemn it
To vow that it will not corrupt us

We can wash away the foul and the evil
Watch it as it drains into a stench filled pool
Proclaim that it shall not happen again
And mean it
To stand by those words with actions
Actions filled with love
Love of self and of others

We have the power to forgive
We have the responsibility not to forget
We have the ability to create a better world
Not just for ourselves, but for all
All who are here and all who are yet to be.
Who we are and how we act will be our legacy
Etched in the earth's memory; forever preserved

New beginnings
New opportunities
This day offers us all
A choice
What we do 
With this new beginning
Is up to each of us

Can we take this new beginning?
Make something of the offering
Of a new day
Another chance 
To be



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