A Week Later

So it's been a week since Epiphany and what a day that was, wasn't it?  There I was saying:  "We NEED light.  We NEED hope.  We NEED promise of better things to come."  Was I right?  I think I was.  But I didn't know how dark the day would be and how much light we STILL need.  I truly believe we need to turn inward to find our individual humanity and start/continue to act in ways that bring light to the whole world.

We are thirteen days into 2021.  Thirteen is a lucky number for me.  (Remember I was married on Friday, the 13th.) So this morning I decided to pick myself up and get into a new frame of mind.  To that end, I decided to really get dressed.  That's not to say I don't get dressed every morning.  I do.  I get out of those pjs and into clothes.  I wash my face and hair.  All that boring stuff.  Today, just for the heck of it I decided to get "dressed." 

Yes, that's me in a sweater and skirt.  I didn't just wash the hair, I blew it dry and styled it a bit!  I put on some make up (including a new lipstick...more on that later.)  It was sort of a pain in the you know what, but it brought me back to a sense of "normal" of what I used to do before all of this.  So there you go...By the way, both the sweater and the skirt were courtesy of the thrift shop.  As they used to say:  you don't have to spend a million to look like a million.  While I may not look like a million, I definitely look better than I do on a usual pandemic morning! 

Which brings me to the fact that I'm wearing lipstick.  I'm more of an eyeshadow person (blush really does nothing for me).  During this pandemic, you can see my eyes when I am out and about, but you can't see my lips since I'm wearing a mask.  (Which we should ALL be doing.  It is NOT political to wear a mask [although you can wear a political mask]; it's polite to the say the least and it's LIFESAVING to say the most.  I am appalled that there are members of Congress who won't wear them.  Not only are you saying that you don't respect your fellow man, you are putting yourself in harm’s way.  To those who say a mask is a muzzle; the next time you need a medical procedure be sure to have your doctor, nurse and all medical professionals involved remove their masks before they cut you open.) If I bother to wear lipstick (which I have), it just gets rubbed off on my mask and in general makes a mess.  However, today I am just home with no plans to venture out and I wanted to try my new lipstick.

Lipstick which I ordered online from Color The World.  This is the first time I've ordered from this company and while I think the feel and consistency is good, the colors I ordered are not exactly what I expected.  Of course it's hard to judge color online, but...I will also point out that this was the package that I wrote about the other day.  Miraculously, it did arrive YESTERDAY afternoon (NOT Monday, the 11th as shown on the USPS website) and my security camera shows me that it arrived at 1:08 (and 49 seconds).  Did my online complaint to the USPS (and not to the local office) have hand in it?  Probably not, but...

As I sit here, "dressed up" I do have one question that I'd like to pose to anyone who is reading this.  This IS political (I suppose), but what I am asking is serious and I'd love some rational and well thought out responses should anyone care to give them.  What is the point of the 25th amendment?  As a human being (I do not belong to or identify with ANY political party) I believe that our current president is mentally ill (I do not say that lightly) and unable to continue his duties.  Never have I seen such a situation that calls for the 25th amendment, and yet it has not been invoked.  So when the country is in crisis and the president is unable to lead, if we cannot or will not utilize the 25th amendment, what is its point?  I realize that there will be a new leader in just a matter of days, but it still seems necessary to me.  Perhaps you see things differently...and if so, if you could provide a well thought out reply, I WOULD appreciate it.  I'm looking for a dialog that speaks to our country's well-being and not a flame war.  (Or any kind of war.)

I'll conclude with where I began.  We need light in our world.  The best way we can achieve that is by BEING that light.  By extinguishing the darkness in ourselves and bringing that light into our world.


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