The Last of the Pumpkin Spice


It's December 9th and I'm about to drink the last of the pumpkin spice coffee with my pumpkin spice creamer.  I know, it's WAY past pumpkin spice season and I am breaking my very own, no pumpkin spice after Thanksgiving weekend, but there you have it.  I bought too many bags of pumpkin spice coffee from Wawa (Is there such a thing?) and you they had to be finished.  (I have not purchased any of their holiday blend and I'm wondering if I should?  Any other Wawa fanatics out there who want to chime in?  Would it be worth the 20 minute drive to try and get some?  And if I do, should I wear my new Wawa sweatshirt?  [Which was a secret Santa type of thing gift; one of the best I've ever gotten, although a pair of Wawa jogger pants would have been cool])  

Now usually pumpkin spice rules should not be broken, but this has been a year where we don't necessarily break the rules, but sometimes we have to bend/stretch them a little to keep ourselves sane.

For example, who thought facial masks could be a fashion accessory?  We know they are necessary during this pandemic to keep ourselves and other safe.  (We DO know that don't we?!?)  However, they can also make a fashion statement.  I have wonderful Haunted Mansion patterned mask, but I don't wear it now because it's way past Halloween.  (Though I could flip it over and use the plain blue pattern on the other side.)  I've noticed on television shows that masks often match the rest of the fashion scheme.  (I'm specifically looking at you All Rise).  They can also be used to make a political or social statement.  (I'm looking at you Naomi Osaka; heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time.)  I try to be fashionable, but I don't have a holiday themed mask and I'm hoping that by next Christmas I won't have to be wearing one.  (I'm also hoping that the second box of disposable masks that I have will never be opened and that they'll end up in a drawer somewhere forgotten.)

I'm also proud (?) to say that I didn't freak out (too much) when my teen son decided to paint his fingernails black. (I think it was probably the girlfriend's idea.)  I wasn't thrilled, but I said a long time ago that make up can be removed.  Haircuts can grow out.  (As can eyebrow slits...I don't get it, but...) Personally, I think he did it to annoy me.  It worked; but not to the extent that it might have once done.)  It's the permanent stuff (piercings, tattoos) that would really bother me.  (Although I know I would get over that too...don't tell my son.)  

Dare I say that my son inspired me?  I finally went with the purple/pink hair streak.  Didn't go with the hair chalk ( I was in CVS (picking up male moisturizer...we'll see how this goes) and saw the spray color.  I've been tempted before.  I've used spray color before St. Patrick's Day (green), but that's been a cheaper brand.  (The same kind I bought for field and spirit days when my son was in elementary school and he wore the designated color all the way!)  This time I went for something a little higher end.  (I hope.)  I kind of managed to make it work.  (It is obvious that I could never become a professional hair stylist.)  It's supposed to last a day or two...of course I wash my hair daily so it won't but...If I like it and get comfortable maybe I'll do something fun to ring in the new year.  After all, we definitely need to celebrate the end of this year and start some fun new traditions!


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