Emotional Monday

 I'm feeling very emotional this Monday.  No surprise there. This has been a year of emotions.  Two things weigh on my mind today:

  • The 8th Anniversary of Sandy Hook:  There wasn't really any news on this today.  In the year that we've been having, I suppose that's semi-understandable.  This one really hits me every year.   Twenty of the twenty six people who were senselessly killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT were children under the age of eight.  My son was in that age bracket.  My son went to an elementary school not unlike Sandy Hook.  My son went to school that day, just as all those children did.  For our family it was just another day.  For the families of Newtown, it would never be.  The fact that some individuals called this horrific event hoax (not unlike the "hoax" that we are currently embedded in), still makes me question humanity.  The massacre of school children is NOT to be debated. There is a small playground near my parent's home which is dedicated to Chase Kowalski who died that day.  He would have been about the same age as my son.  My son is now over 6 feet tall.  How tall would Chase have been? I think about this more than I care to admit.  Maybe it's something we should all think about. Hug your kids tight as you do...no matter what age they may be.
  • Vaccines for Covid-19 have started being distributed in the United States today:  Already front line workers are starting to the vaccine.  Would you have ever imagined being emotional over seeing someone get vaccinated?  As I saw those UPS and FedEx trucks head out yesterday stocked with vaccines, I started to cry.  (How silly is that? I also got pretty misty when I saw Margaret Keenen get the vaccine in Britain last week.)  UPS and FedEx I don't care if my packages don't get here in time or even get lost; just keep doing what you're doing to get these vaccines to where they need to go.  Who would have thought I'd feel that way?  There is  and more people will be able to get the vaccine.  When over 1.6 million people have died worldwide (go on, call that a hoax!) any light is welcome.  And before you dare ask, I WILL be getting mine when I am able.  My husband and son will probably be able to get theirs before I do since I am highly allergic to so many things that I will patiently wait until the appropriate vaccine is available for me.  (And I sure the heck don't care what pharmaceutical company it comes from.)  The hard work of so many is finally starting to pay off.  And believe me when it is declared "safe" I'm going to be hugging a heck of a lot of people.  I hope you will be too.


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