The Virus Diary: Off Target

If you'll recall, I said I was going to scale back on spending money.  (  Well, that hasn't turned out too well as I just placed an order for liquor to ship to a co-worker and placed yet another order with LTD Commodities (because I really need more crap).  And sometimes the lure of something is just too much to withstand...  (Top that off with Total Wine & More now having Jose Cuervo Golden Rose Margarita AND Jack Daniels Black Jack Cola AND Barefoot Cellars Riesling all in stock...someone stop me NOW!)

Which is why I found myself in the car on Sunday afternoon heading to Target.  We don't have a Target that near us, but I decided to head to the one that is closest. (Actually there are two that tie for distance; one to the east and one to the west.  I headed west.)  What we the impetus for this journey?  Well there were a couple of things.  And what I found confusing about Target was that although they have order pick up, not all the items I wanted were available that way even though they were supposedly in stock at the store.  For example, this whole idea of hair chalk has been niggling away at my brain.  (Yes, I'm thinking I'd like to put some crazy color into this baby fine hair of mine, but I don't want to it last long.  I'd like it more than a day, which is why I've nixed the idea of the spray in kind, but shorter than 6-8 weeks which is what a dye would do.  The whole chalk idea, while geared towards kids, just grabbed me and wouldn't let go.)  I could get that at order pick up, but a pot for a plant (because we're getting more plants and my son has been doing a great job of keeping them alive and not eaten by wild critters.)  All of this was not enough to prod me forward (although it was tempting). Then my son attempted to make a sandwich for lunch and found that the loaf had gone moldy.  So I would definitely need to go out and get bread, but what if I could kill two birds with one stone?  Target run!

 Let me acknowledge that going to Target on a Sunday afternoon is never the best idea, but...

 The lot was pretty full when I pulled it.  Not unexpected and I didn't mind parking "out in the boonies."  I put on my mask and headed in.  Getting in was easy.  I didn't think that I would need a cart because I had a list of maybe half a dozen items.  What I would like would have been a basket.  I saw one in the basket stand/holder, but it was zip tied down.  I thought I was doing something wrong?  But then I saw the same thing in another place.  I don't understand that.  Sure baskets are not really "clean," but neither are carts.  I've used baskets in other locations, so what is the deal here?  If you have insider information on Target baskets, clue me in!

 While trying to stay socially/physically distant (which you know is difficult to do when you shop), I went over to the hair care section.  It was very difficult to access because the line for check out extended down this aisle.  It was a LONG line.  I tried to take a look, while not getting close (or too close as the case may be), but I only saw dye.  So I decided to head towards the toy section, seeing how hair chalk was targeted for young girls.

 As I roamed the aisles, I saw that everyone was wearing masks or facial coverings, but not everyone was wearing it properly.  I'm going to say it for the millionth time (or at least it feels like the millionth):  cover your mouth AND nose!  You can breathe out of both of them, so they BOTH need to be covered.  And while I know this is difficult for children, if they are old enough to be able to read the sign for how much a toy costs, they are old enough to wear a facial covering properly.  If a child can't handle wearing a mask; maybe you shouldn't bring him/her to the store?  (I know I'm being judgy here.)

 With no sign of hair chalk, lots of empty space on shelves and long lines, I decided to forego the bread for the time being and just head home.  My venture was nothing more than a waste of time and energy (on my part).  I was reminded again why I don't head to Target often.   It's not convenient (for me) and many times they don't have what I need.  I should have remembered and instead spent my afternoon outside reading.  (Which I did afterwards.)

 As a final note, I did do a run to The Fresh Grocer an hour before they closed that night where I got my needed bread and a few other (not necessary) items.  The place was quiet (however once again I encountered people where facial coverings INCORRECTLY!) and I was in and out within 20 minutes. Now that's MY kind of shopping.  (Although I still haven't purchased hair chalk...thoughts?  I REALLY want to know!)

Until next time; say safe and stay well!


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