The 5th Day of School


It's back to school time...again...for day # 5.

This post is not to slam or criticize teachers, staff or administrators.  We are all trying to do our best.  I get it, but this is crazy.  And I have enough crazy in my life.

Let's recap:  The first day of in person school for my teen son was November 9.  He is in group A.  There are 3 rotating groups (A, B, C) and 1 group (D) with special needs that goes every day; when the physical school is open.  He went to school on Monday, November 9.  He went to school on Thursday, November 12.  He went Tuesday, November 17th.  He went on Friday, November 20th.  (That was the day that I messed up big time and forgot to fill out the form that has to be filled out before he can be admitted to the building:  It was also the day after the one day that school switched to remote when someone in the school tested positive.)  Day 5 was SUPPOSED to be Wednesday, November 25, which also happens to be the day before Thanksgiving.  However, on the 23rd, there was one more case at the high school (as well as some other cases in the other schools in the system) and we switched back to all remote until this Tuesday (December 8th.)

Are you still following...because it's going to get even trickier...

Becauses of the shutdowns, A group has physically been in school for 4 days; B group has physically in  school for 4 days; but C group has only physically been in school for 2 days.  Since C group has been "gypped" the schedule was rearranged so that C group went in on Tuesday and Wednesday and then starting on Thursday the regular A, B, C rotation would start up again.  

If all goes as planned (and this has been the year where all the plans go out the window), my son will go to school today and then December 15th, December 18th and December 23rd.  Then we have the holiday break.

We all know what happens on holiday breaks.  People see each other.  They gather together when they shouldn't gather.  They aren't as careful as they should be.  (This is not to criticize...maybe I'll take the time to write another judgy post about tht in the future.  Or maybe not.)  So as a precaution (or to  use THE phrase of 2020:  "Out of an abundance of caution"), when we return from the holiday break on January 4, 2021. (how good it will be to be finished with 2020), schools will be all remote until January 19th.

Has your head imploded yet?  Are you still with me? 

If you are perhaps you (without any experience or knowledge) can explain to me why the school schedule/summary page lists days D, E & F as well...They are not groups. There are technically only 4 groups. They don't signify what subjects/periods are being taught that day. There are only 2 types of days:  Period 1-4 days and Period 5-8 days.  (Unless you have a kid in period 0 like I do which is a whole different story and God bless the vocal music teacher who meet with this small group remotely 2 mornings a week at 7:10!)  And there are still only 5 days in a school week (unless I missed a memo on that).  So what do A-F stand for?  More importantly, why do I care? (Do I care?  Yes, I care.  I am a curious bugger!)

If you've made it through this post, congratulations!  You have stamina.  I'm not sure I do.  And I sure hope all the educators do.  (I'll say it again:  God bless 'em.)  But somehow we'll manage to soldier on...because that's what we do.


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