Why? 4 Nonsensical Questions for the Day

 I'm a pretty intelligent person.  I'm not super smart and I'm not Wiley E Coyote Super Genius either.  But over the past several days the following little things have puzzled me and irritated me like a green headed fly that nips at your legs at the beach and no matter what you do to try to get it go to away (including slathering yourself in repellent) keeps coming back.

Question 1:  Why can't I get my toilet clean?  I'd show you a picture but I don't want you to get grossed out.  I can get the bowl pretty clean.  Or perhaps I should say clean enough not to be an embarrassment, but the underpart (underbelly?) of the seat is discolored and I can't get it to go away.  It's not like it's dirty or well you know...it's just that parts of it look awful and I can't figure out what to do or why it happens.  I'm not ready to invest in a new toilet seat. (How often should you get a new toilet seat any way?  Should that even be a thing?)  Surely someone must be a sage or even a mini-Martha Stewart and can tell my WHY this happens and what I can do about it.  I mean I'm embarrassed. Or I will be if anyone ever comes back into my house and uses my toilet.  (This pandemic IS going to be over one day!  And then someone other than the three of us WILL use my toilet again!)

Question 2:  Where do my keys go?  I am constantly misplacing my keys.  Most of the time they get buried somewhere in the massive purses that I carry.  (Who needs to carry a purse these days?  We go nowhere.  I LOVE purses.  I have so many wonderful ones.  Some that are designer expensive.  Some that are inexpensive.  Some that are thrift shop purchases.  I LOVE them all and I LOVE using different ones throughout the season.)  To help me, my husband even put a hook up by the front door so that I could put them there and not lose them.  (Burglars don't get any ideas...)  Ready for a LONG story?  Yesterday I was at my parents' house.  I drove down.  I drove to Wawa to get coffee.  (I actually paid for someone to make me a maple-like latte...it was delicious.)  I came back to their house and watched my dad get driven by a neighbor to an appointment.  When he was finished, my mom and I picked him up.  I drove HIS car, but brought my purse with me.  On the way home we stopped at Jersey Mike's  where I picked up lunch.  We had lunch and then I headed home.  Or tried to.  I couldn't find my keys.  I searched my purse.  I searched the sofa where I sat.  I searched my purse again.  I took just about everything out of my purse.  I went outside and checked my car.  I got on my knees to look under my car.  I checked my dad's car.  I got on my knees and checked under his car.  (Let me says that it had been raining, so now I had wet pants.)  I went back inside and checked every where I had gone in the house.  Then I took my dad's car back down to Jersey Mike's.  I was getting ready to get out of the car, search the area and the store when I glanced over at my purse.  There were my keys.  WHERE HAD THEY GONE?  (I'd ask why they came back, but the answer is that I prayed to St. Anthony.  So did my husband and son who I had called from the car.  None of us is Catholic, but THANK YOU! St. Anthony!)  Where do keys go?  (Why do keys go?)

Question 3:  Why did this happen to my shoes? 

Yes, they were inexpensive and I've had them for several years.  (I can remember approximately when and where I bought them and it's been at least 8 years.)  I didn't where them all that often.  (How often can you wear red and black plaid flats?)  I'm suspecting that they are not worth trying to repair, but I'm willing to listen to you if someone says they are.  And if someone can tell me why this happened.  They are quite comfortable and recently I've been having some right foot issues (which I 'm not going to get into other than to say it's not earth shattering and I haven't had a pedicure in about a year and I LOVE pedicures.)

Question 4:  Why could I log onto TD Bank online on my computer, but not on my phone?  Another LONG story:  I've been fed up with Bank of America (https://bfthsboringblog.blogspot.com/2020/11/why-i-am-losing-my-mind.html) and decided it was time to open another checking account, this time at TD (because they have always been so nice when I go in person).  Setting up the account was pretty easy; although the site still says that I have $0 in my checking account, when Bank of America says I've transferred money over.  (Why is that?  Should that be another bullet point question?)  I wanted to be able to use the app, so I set it up on my phone.  But when I put in the same information in the app that I put in when I access the account from my computer it wouldn't take.  I ended up changing the password.  Then I could access the app, but I couldn't from my computer.  (And yes, I entered the correct new password.)  THEN I couldn't get into either one of them!  (Remember the whole purpose of this was so that my life would be easier...HA!)  I went back onto the computer and reset the password again and got on there.  But then...you guessed it...I couldn't log into the app.  Maybe it was my screeching and stamping of the feet (not quite...remember I've having some issues with my right foot), that got my techie husband's attention.  He worked with my phone and someone how managed to make it all work.  WHY couldn't I?  (Let me be frank, I know he did something, but I'm not sure he even knows why I was having a problem or what he did to make it work, but...)

Those are my WHY questions for the day.  Are there answers?  But more importantly, do you have similar questions?  And will I be able to answer them?


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