The Virus Diary: Spending, Spending...

 Are you spending more than usually would?  I'm not just talking about groceries or supporting your local restaurants by ordering take out. Are you buying more on line?  While I'm not completely out of control, I've been finding that I've been spending, spending AND spending!  

So what HAVE I been buying (besides lots of groceries).  Well, I have bought wine; wine on line.  I've ordered wine and other alcoholic beverages on line in the morning and then picked it up in the afternoon.  I've gone more than once to Total Wine and More and I'm the only one in the house who drinks!  But I don't drink right before Memorial Day weekend, I ordered wine for two of my co-workers and had it shipped to their respective homes.  Of course, I messed up on one and didn't put a message in and so my co-worker actually thanked someone else.  (Someone else who had inquired about her wine preferences, but never actually send any wine. )  Wine IS essential during this pandemic!

I've ordered from Amazon, just like everyone else.  My order was eclectic:  a book (If You Give a Mommy A Glass of  Wine which was NOT as funny as I hoped), a dust pan (O-Cedar Anti-Static Premium Dustpan with Broom Cleaning Cones, Red which believe it or not is probably one of the BEST items I've purchased! Who would have thought a dust pan could make or break you?) and a hair dryer/styling brush (Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush; which as way too bulky for me.  It was heavy to hold and the brush portion was too big to curl my hair, so I had to return it and now have a nice credit from Amazon.  But you know that won't last long!)  I discovered and ordered more than just groceries. (I am HOOKED on Utz Pub Mix.  I just placed my 3rd order with them and have been very happy with the results.  Of course if it weren't for the current world situation, I wouldn't be ordering Lysol Laundry Sanitizer or a 6 pack of hand soap.) I've ordered stamps. (Took way to long to arrive.  I'm ready to support the USPS, but don't take 3 weeks to get me stamps!) I've ordered ground French Vanilla coffee from my favorite coffee shop in Cape May.  I've ordered silly t-shirts and patriotic leggings from Tipsy Elves.  (One of the things I ordered was actually a bit too tight, but it would have cost more to return it than to keep it so...)  I ordered nail polish strips. (Yes, you really should check out Color Street.  It's not as easy as it looks in the YouTube videos, at least not for a uncoordinated klutz like me, but it still comes out better and last longer than the traditional self manicure.)  I ordered a anniversary meal for my parents.  And in a week or so I'll order a vegan cake for my birthday (but I'll have to pick it up:

While I've been placing orders left and right, my husband has been the (semi) rational one.  Since we had our downstairs painted ( he decided that we needed a better storage system for all our records and cds.  (And he was RIGHT!  When we moved in together in the last century we, like so many people, stored music is crates.  That was over 20 years ago.  We needed a better system.)  He did some research.  (He ALWAYS does some research) and found a line at Ikea that would fit the bill.  AND he was willing to pay for shipping.  Here was the problem.  Ikea would not ship. First they would not recognize our zip code. (They didn't like that it began in a 0).  Days later (because my husband is persistent) that changed. They suggested that we pick up at the nearest store.  That wouldn't work because we are in NJ and the store they suggested was in California!  My persistent husband kept trying daily.  Our pick up options went from California to Illinois to Florida back to California.  (Although on the list of stores, Connecticut, which would ALMOST make sense, was never suggested.)  FINALLY, the gods shined down on him and he was able to order most of what we needed (some items were "out of stock") and get it shipped to our home.  All of this was done BEFORE they started painting with the idea that it would arrive after the painting was done.  (Which was ideal.)  So the order, which was placed in early May will the end of June.  Oh, and those items that were out of stock?  A day or so later, hubby checked in again and they were available.  So he placed ANOTHER order (more shipping charges) and supposedly that will arrive the same day as the original order.  Stay tuned for more when the furniture arrives and the building begins.

One more place where I've recently been spending (and spending) is Home Depot.  Makes sense since we just had painting done, right?  Let me tell you about the Home Depot Experience...

Hubby knew we needed some items but we needed to see them in person to make a decision.  We wanted new drawer pulls for the kitchen cabinets.  We couldn't agree on line what would work, so we needed to go.  (Full disclosure:  we never got them at all because he found that we couldn't get the OLD pulls off and he didn't want to ruin the paint job.  We needed new outlet covers.  My son wanted to grow cucumbers like my dad does.  (My son definitely has a green thumb; his only problem is wildlife devouring all of what he has planted.  It's a problem we have been partially able to overcome with chicken wire, but if we ever decide to go whole hog without a pandemic, I think a fully enclosed garden spot is in our future.)  Hubby came up with a plan.  A very good plan I have to say.  He made a list of all the items we needed.  It wasn't just a random list.  We talked about it for days.  What did we need?  What did we want?  Were there items we wanted to replace?  He came up with a list of over a dozen items and then researched the Home Depot that we frequent.  He mapped out the list based on what aisle and what bay said items could be found.  I checked out the store hours and when Google said that less people would be there.  Once all of this was accomplished, the two of us (and this is the first time we have been out shopping together since February!) headed out with our masks.

Navigating Home Depot on a "good" day is not my idea of fun.  Navigating it while wearing a mask and trying to find items is really not fun.  I forgot (if I ever knew) that aisles are split.  So one side is 1-10 while the other is 11-20.  (This is just an example and not how it really is).  So aisle 1 might be across from aisle 20.  Our plan to tackle the store was not going to work.  We tried to split up, but I couldn't find one of the items.  They we debated over switch plate covers which are on a low self and seeing things (again with a mask) is really difficult.  I will say everyone was wearing a mask (although again, you need to keep your mouth AND nose covered...when will everyone learn?).  We got on a long line to check out.  (Actually I ran to find another items while we were on line and managed to return before we got to the front.)  Although the line was long, it did move pretty quickly.  However, the whole process was stressful.  (Let me be clear; on a good day Home Depot is stressful for me.)  And because we were actually in the store and we really don't want to go back again (although I suspect we will), I purchased my husband's birthday gift (power tools!) right then and there.  (Or maybe it should be a Father's Day gift because his birthday isn't until late July?)

Of course on our way home, we decided to pick up dinner at Chipotle; because I just can't stop spending!

Now to be honest, my credit card bills do not rival the National Debt, but I SHOULD get a better handle on my spending habits.  (Which I've been saying since this whole thing began.)  I'm NOT in financial trouble, but we ALL need to be more focused on finances these days, especially with employment uncertainty.  So I'm going to give the scaling back on spending another go.  And you can help keep me honest.  Any tips?  Suggestions?  I'm not going anywhere!  (And neither are you!)  Give it to me!

And as always, stay safe (keep your mouth AND nose covered) and stay well!


  1. Walk by and look at our wildlife solutions to keeping our garden safe. Wander the yard, I won't call the police, I will still be in bed! As for spending.... well we are in the same boat, need to stop but we are getting things repaired and keeping busy. If I find a tip I will share, maybe by the new firepit....with wine I bought online ;)


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