Missing Oprah

File it under first world problem:  I miss my O, The Oprah magazine.

Let me start by saying I am NOT an uber-Oprah fan.  (I AM an uber-Gayle fan though.  I HAVE to get my daily dose of CBS This Morning.  The news needs more Gayle King!  She's an amazing interviewer and is not afraid to be silly; yet knows when she needs to be serious.) She's not going to give me a car.  I watched her talk show sporadically.  I watch OWN semi-regularly.  I take her book recommendations seriously.   But I really LOVE the magazine.

I've had a subscription in the past, but to my shame let it lapse.  I would see it on the rack when I checked out at the grocery store and I would buy it, if I had the extra cash. I finally decided to get a library card (I  DID have one, but it was so old that it was no longer valid...I am ashamed that it came to that and that it took me so long to get a new one) just so that I could get a digital version of the magazine for free.  (I like the word free A LOT).  I read some issues, but I have to admit that I often forgot.  

That's the joy of a subscription.  It comes every month in the mail.  It's in your face.  It's tangible. There's something about having a magazine in your hands.  I don't know what it is.  I'm fine with e-readers when it comes to books, but when it comes to newspapers or magazines, I want something paper in my hand.  I NEED to physically turn the pages.  So when I got an offer for a free subscription to a magazine of my choice (thank you T Mobile), I was happy to see that O was one of the options.  I signed up right away.

I got my first two issues rather quickly.  I got them on the same day!  (Weird, but true.)  I had already started the September issue on my e-reader (that's the one with Oprah AND Gayle on the cover...and it's probably one of my favorites), but I stopped and went back to read the August issue first and then finished the September with the "real deal."

And then...NOTHING.

The end of October was upon us and I realized that I had never seen an October issue.  I heard Oprah talking about getting the DECEMBER.  What happened to November?   

I managed to find the magazine website and put in that I was missing issues.  They can't send back issues, but they did extend my subscription by two months.  (Since I was missing two months).  However, I'm sitting here wondering IF December will ever show up.  (And this being November, the month of gratitude, I'm grateful that I DIDN'T spend any money on a subscription as I'm not getting ANYTHING!)

Where is my magazine going?  Why did I get two issues back in early September and then nothing?  Is my mailperson enjoying them?  Is my mailperson judging me unworthy of receiving O, The Oprah Magazine?  I don't think there is a law that says a white woman cannot have a subscription to a magazine about an African American woman. (At least not yet, but that's a whole other story.)

I just wanted to publicly say:  I MISS OPRAH.  Or at least I miss My O, The Oprah Magazine.  A LOT.  So if you happen to stumble over an issue that has my name on it...I WANT IT BACK!  GIVE ME MY OPRAH!  It may not change my life, but it will certainly make me a little (maybe even a lot) happier.


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