A New School Year Prayer

It's that time of year again.  Even before the first day (which for us is tomorrow), I'm thinking about students and teachers.  I find myself in my early morning walks going past the schools that my son attended or attends (he started high school this week).  As I do these thoughts go through my mind and I send them out into the universe as a prayer.

Nursery school/Pre-school:  The beginnings of your education.  A place of fun and place of learning.  I give thanks for the teachers who provide a safe space for all the pre-k set and give them a sense of well-being.  Who give a firm foundation for our youngest so that they, even at this young age, become prepared for what is next in life.  Bless them.  Bless their students; past, present and future.

Elementary school:  Where your education took root.  I think back on your first day of kindergarten; that nervous face as you lined up to go to class and the look of elation when you were dismissed that first day.  I give thanks to the teachers who nurtured you.  Who recognized your strengths and worked with you on weaknesses. With patience and practicality they served their students.  We will never forget them; and I'm betting they won't forget you either.  Bless them.  Bless their students; past, present and future.

Middle school:  Where your education sprouted upward, not unlike you.  It was the middle of drama; the middle of growth.  Where you are no longer children, but not yet adults.  A time of transition can be a rocky road. There was trauma and drama; frustration and joy; middle school was and is a roller coaster ride. I give thanks to the teachers who belted you in for the ride and kept your safe.  Those amazing people who guided you.  Who knew that there was more than just one way and recognized that one size does not fit all.  Those who are wise and caring. Those who try new things so that their students might benefit.  Bless them.  Bless their students; past, present and future.

High School:  Where you will bloom.  (I pray!)  No longer a child; this is where your adulthood begins to take hold and you make decisions that reach into the long term.  With teachers and staff to provide direction and make suggestions, but ultimately letting you find your own way and encourage you to be your own individual.  It may be the end of your formal education; or it may be part of a new beginning.  Who knows?  There is no specific path that is right for all students; each will find their own way and their own purpose.  Here the educators become your mentors; gently prompting to through the four years you will have together.  Bless them.  Bless their students; pass, present and future.

Beyond:  Be it university, technical or vocational.  Be it the workforce.  Your education never truly ends.  There are teachers all around us.  People who offer us advice and education, but not in a classroom setting.  Never let your mind be closed; open it and let the wealth of their lessons fill you.  Bless those who teach us all.  Bless those who would be their students; no matter what shape or form they take.

As this school year begins again, shouldn't we all keep every teacher and student (in whatever form they might take) in our hearts?  We've all taken this journey and as long as we live, whether we realize it or not, we all continue on.


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