445 Days

I have 445 days to lose 20 pounds...maybe 30, but I don't want my head to look too big on my body (which I think happens sometimes when people lose a lot of weight.)  

I have 445 days to get the perfect shade of blonde and the just right hair style.  (So I'll need to get the cut a week in about 437 days so that I'll have time to perfect my technique.)

I have 444 days to find the perfect outfit.  The one that accentuates all my assets (do I have any?) and hides all my flaws (I have many.)

I have 444 days to find an extraordinary mani-pedicurist and the perfect shade of polish.  (Never mind that it will be December and no one will see my feet.)

I have 445 days to find the perfect make up and figure out how to apply it flawlessly.  Wrinkles need to vanish (but no injections!) and teeth need to be white. (Or at least give the appearance...the right shade of lipstick can do that.)

In 445 days I need to be the best looking, best sounding, best smelling, Bfth that I can be.  I WILL be WOW Bfth.  Right now I may be a pretty amazing Bfth, but I need to take it to the nth degree.

In 445 days Hugh Jackman needs to be healthy.  He needs to be in good voice.  (Is he ever NOT in good voice?)  He needs to have a razor sharp focus.  He needs to be ready to wow the audience. (Does he ever NOT wow the audience?)  And he needs to be ready to be wowed by the lady on the left hand size of the stage in the 15th row.  He needs to flash his amazing smile and turn that charm up one more notch (is that possible?).  While not stepping out of character, he needs to acknowledge her...even though he doesn't know her.

Okay, so I KNOW I'm not based in reality here.  By now you (probably) know that I've spent an insane amount of money to go see "The Music Man" NEXT December.  (Yes, it's over a year away and tickets are on sale now.  That's the lure of Hugh Jackman!)  

I love Sutton Foster.  I was amazed by her yodeling in the very last Broadway musical I saw, "Young Frankenstein", which tells you how often I can afford to go to Broadway.  I was disappointed when "Bunheads" wasn't renewed for a 2nd season and I religiously watch every episode of "Younger."  (Although I admit that while I like Sutton's character, Liza, it's Miriam Shor as Diana Trout that really keeps me coming back.  She is BRILLIANT in the role.)  I wish I had seen her in "Violet" or "Anything Goes" or (mostly) "Thoroughly Modern Millie", but she is NOT the reason I spent the bucks to go see the show.  (Sorry Sutton!)

Hugh Jackman IS the reason I'm going.  (As you may have already guessed.)  I'm a little bit obsessed.  (Not a lot!  I swear Hugh! )  Which is a little strange considering that I HAVEN'T seen most of his movies.  As a matter of fact, I think I've only seen him in "The Prestige" (which was so strange, but so good) and “Kate and Leopold" (he was dreamy...but I never got the whole attraction to Kate!  She was such a b*tch in my book...even the charming Meg Ryan couldn't make me like her. )  I've never seen him perform live (which is one of the reasons I'm so geeked out about seeing this show).  But I'm a devotee of Broadway (even if I never get there) and he captivated me when he hosted the Tony award.  (Why does he not host every year???  Sorry James Cordon and Neil Patrick Harris!)

Which brings me here.  I have a friend who with a group of women (some of whom I know, some of whom I don't, even though we all went to the same high school around the same time), go to the city and see a show.  I can't remember how it came up, but it did and I was invited to be part of the group with the plan to see "The Music Man."  Tickets have been ordered and I have to write a check to my friend and organizer (that's going to hurt the bank book).  Then it's just the waiting game.

445 days and counting...

Get ready Hugh...I'm coming to see you.  Don't forget to flash your most charming smile to that lady in Row O.  

I'm counting on it!  


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