It's almost here.  Officially arriving just a few minutes before six this evening.  I'm thrilled!

No, it hasn't been a particularly hard winter.  Much less snow than year! (She says with her fingers crossed remembering last year's squall on April 2nd!)  Cold temperatures, but not THAT cold.  Ice, but not too much of it.  (We didn't go through all of our ice melt.)  Am I tempting fate too much here?

Spring!  There's the anticipation of flowers (haven't seen any on my property, but there have been some crocuses poking up on my neighbors).  There are a few buds on the trees.  It was just last Saturday when I woke up to the sounds of birds.  I had been thinking that I hadn't seen any robins yet.  (It was quite late in the robin spotting season.)  Went out on a walk (which was much colder than I had anticipated) and spied at least 4.  Spring!  Glorious Spring!

How I long to send my stained winter coat to the cleaners.  (I have no idea what the black muck on it is.  Don't go for light colored coats when shopping...ever stain screams out at you.)  While I love sweaters, my bureau and closets have plenty of short sleeve tops just waiting to be put on.  Capri pants that call out for open toed shoes.  (Time to give myself a pedicure?  I'm a sucker for professional ones, but truth be told, I've developed two rather determined plantar warts that I'm having treated professionally and the experience has turned me off of the plethora of spas that are in our area.  Treatment will continue into spring, but I am going to NEED toes that shine before all is said and done.)  Boot are wonderful with bulky sweaters, but I am longing for floral prints and pastels.

Let the weather cooperate with the spring equinox.  Let me open the windows once again and feel soft breezes.  Let me put away the shovels that stand just outside my front door.  Replace them with the plastic Adirondack chairs.  Maybe even pull out the grill and charcoal?  (No, that's pushing too much there!)  Let there be days where I can plunk my butt down into that chair and read with sunglasses and a hat...and don't forget the sunscreen!

Could it finally be an opportunity for morning walks outside?  An excursion during the lunch hour? Evening strolls perhaps?  

Will my furnace stop clicking on and off?  (Just refilled the tank with more oil...that bill is enough to make me want to cry.)  While warm radiators in the morning are bliss (especially if you drape your clothing on them for a few minutes before dressing), the waft of a spring breeze greeting me in the morning is even better.


I'm counting down the hours now.  Don't let me down!

(NOTE:  All photos are from LAST spring.  Doesn't look like this here in NJ...yet...fingers crossed!)


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