Elegy for LG

LG (her initials) is NOT dead.  But she is about to leave her place of employment after more than a decade.   There are a variety of reasons behind this, but none of them are really my business.  Her leaving the company leaves me in a state of mourning.

I've known her for nearly 3 years now.  We physically met 5 months after I had started working for the company at a meeting.  Although it was our first time meeting in person, we had talked over the phone frequently and emailed back and forth even more.  She immediately pulled me into a warm embrace.  It was completely natural; and so LG. (It can't be coincidence that her initials are also the initials for Life's Good. )

She IS a warm hug.  She is everything you'd want a friend and co-worker to be:  (seemingly) calm, caring, focused and the list could go on and on.  Her Midwestern life is very different than my northeast chaos, but they are also very much the same.  She is organized (at least when it comes to work) which makes her one of my favorite people to work with.  She is the only one I will call after hours on Friday when I have a question; because I know she will pick up and we will resolve the issue faster than an email chain. 

She makes everyone she works with feel valued.  She is the person who treats the janitor the same way one would treat a dignitary.  She will make time for you, even when you know there isn't time.

I know she has her problems; we ALL do.  We have shared back and forth when personal issues arose.  I have always felt better after speaking with her.  (I hope she feels the same way.)  She has a sunny disposition, but it never feels forced or put on.  She truly is a good person to the core.  She is the person you can call on when you are in need.

She is great at what she does.  Or what she did.  She truly cared about every aspect of her job.  That's probably a large part of what makes her so good at it. 

While LG is NOT perfect, she is a perfect friend.  She is what we all SHOULD be; caring and kind.  Dedicated and knowledgeable; she is a breath of fresh air that I needed many times.  And even though we have only been friends and co-workers for a short time (in the bigger scheme of things that is), I know I can turn to her for good advice and a laugh.  Whenever I hang up the phone after speaking with her, I feel better.  I AM better because of her friendship.

I wish you well LG.  I will miss you, but know that you are still just a phone call away.  (And don't think I won't hesitate to make that call!)  And though I may be several thousand miles away, know that I am here for you...as it says in the song:  "winter, spring, summer or fall; all you've got to do is call and I'll be there.  You've got a friend."


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