March Madness

No, I'm talking about basketball!  (When would I EVER talk about basketball?  ME?  Sports?  ME?!?!?)  I'm talking about the weather.

As of today, March 1st, we in the tristate area (specifically my corner of NJ) has NOT had a lot of snow.  We're currently 11 inches below the average.  Of course last year we were ABOVE average AND the entire year was one of the wettest on record.  So even without snow, we have no drought to fear (of course that could never know).  

I'm NOT complaining about the lack of snow this season.  (Midwesterners, my sympathies as you have been hit again and again and again...)  I would NEVER complain about lack of snow.  Winter weather is NOT my thing.  To be honest, I like winter from the 21st of December to January 3rd.  Then I am over it.  I need no more.  Once it is no longer white and fluffy, it's of no use to me.  Dirty brown/black (or even yellow) snow...UGH!  And let's not even talk about ice.  There are only 2 places that I like ice:  on the rink for skating and in my beverage.  Otherwise...NO ICE.

But here we are in March.  Spring is just around the corner. Or is it?

Flash back to LAST March.  We hadn't had a lot of snow for the first two months of the year.  We were feeling kind of comfortable.  Spring was on the way for sure.  Then March let out a great big roar and NEVER stopped!    EVERY single week we had snow or ice or a combination of the two for the ENTIRE month!  EVERY WEEK!  SERIOUSLY!  YES!  SERIOUSLY!!!

Last March it was time for me to buy a new car.  (  I purposely waited until the end of the month because I didn't want to deal with snow in my nice new car.  I picked my car up on Friday, the 30th.  It was a beautiful spring day.  On Monday, April 2nd, it snowed!

Here we are now...March 2019.  I woke up to snow.  It didn't look like a lot.  It was less than 2 inches.  It was light and fluffy when I shoveled out the driveway this morning.  The roads were only so so.  There had been salting, but no plowing.  I don't know of plowing would have been necessary, but...As it was, some of the road were a little slushy.  Some schools had a delayed opening.  (Not our district; my kid had to be at school for his chorus sectional at 7:45.)   As far as things go it wasn't all that bad.

But here's the thing...we are supposed to get MORE snow late tonight and into tomorrow morning.  And then we are supposed to get MORE on Sunday night into Monday morning.  I'm seeing this pattern and I'm NOT liking it at all.  

I'm beginning to worry that we are going to have a repeat episode of March madness this year.  Where we've gone for most of the winter with nothing much.  Where we are settling into a nice little complacency.  Where we are thinking that it is ALMOST spring.  Where we are full of daylight.  And yet we are slammed again and again with cruel winter.  Even once we are officially into spring.

After last March and a year of surplus rain, I'm NOT ready for March Madness again!  Someone find me a four leaf clover!  I need some green and not any more white!  I need more lambs and a lot less lions.  Stop the madness and send me some spring.  PLEASE!

Update:  Saturday's snowing.  There is a lot of snow on the ground and it's still coming down.  March madness...ugh


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