Signs Defined.

Life can be hard.  We've all got things to do.  Sometimes are burdens are heavier than others.  Sometimes we just can't focus as well as we'd like to.  It's okay.  It happens to all of us.

But when you are behind the wheel of a car or any other motor vehicle, you really SHOULD do your best to focus on the task at hand.  The task at hand is DRIVING. (Did I really need to say that?)  Not talking on the phone.  Not texting.  Not putting on lipstick.  Not even changing the radio station.  I'm not saying that you shouldn't do those things...that's what red lights are for, right?

Now that we've established that you should be focused on driving while driving, if you would consider the following:  there are A LOT of road signs out there!  They are provide important information that you need to know and will help you on your way!  To help out, let me provide some basic definitions of what some of these signs mean:

Pretty straight forward.  STOP.  Not just slow down.  STOP.  Put your foot on that brake and come to a complete stop.  Check the intersection before taking your foot off the brake and continuing onward.  This is NOT optional; even if it 4 AM and there's no one else on the road (or so you think).  STOP.

The word means several things, but in this case yield means: to give way to.  When you see this sign, you should slow down (you might even have to stop) and if no one else is coming, then you can continue on.  Show caution because you do NOT have the right of way and if there are other cars, they DO have the right of way.  Do the right thing; YIELD!

When you see this, the road you are on is going nowhere.  This road is NOT a short cut to the place you are trying to get to.    You may THINK that you can take a dead end to avoid traffic and get to your desired location, but this is NOT so.  Don't make a fool of yourself and speed down the road, only to find that you have to stop and turn around.

Image result for men at work sign  Make all the jokes you want, when you see these signs, there ARE men (and women) around.  (Even if you don't see them working.)  That guy holding that silly sign IS putting his life at risk while he stands there on the side of the road HOPING that you are paying attention and not going to run off the road and INTO  him (or her).  Working outside is stressful enough (broiling hot sun, biting wind, chilling rain), don't make it more stressful.  Show some respect and proceed slowly.

Different signs, but they all have the same general meaning.  There are children in the area (be it a school zone or just a general street).  As an adult, you know not to run into the street to catch a run away ball.  (Or at least I hope you do.)  Children can be impulsive.  Like adults, children can sometimes not pay attention to their surroundings. (Ok, let's be honest; more often than not, kids aren't paying attention.)  As a driver, YOU ARE responsible.  When you see these signs, or any others like it, BE an adult.  Your vehicle is probably around  4,000 pounds; kids (depending on their age of course) are usually under 100 pounds.  Think about that.   FOUR THOUSAND pounds versus maybe a 100 pound kid. Slow down and be cautious; even if you DON'T see any children in the immediate area.
 If you think children are impulsive, let's talk about animals!  You see one of these signs. You see no animals.  You're good to rev up and go, right?  WRONG!  One of these suckers can come flying out of nowhere.  And I HAVE seen deer fly: . It's NOT a pretty sight.  Save an animal life; save your vehicle! SLOW down, especially around dawn and dusk when it's hard to spot these critters (which are trying hard to blend into the scenery any way).  

Next time you get behind the wheel, think about these signs.  Focus on the task at hand.  Slow down.  Use caution.  Maybe you won't get to your destination as quickly as you'd like.  Maybe you'll even be late.  But isn't it better to be late and safe?  Isn't it better having peace of mind knowing that you're the driver who has compassion for those around you?

Read the signs...heed the signs.


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