Reminder: Be KIND

Today social media reminded me to be kind.  It is the anniversary of the day that we lost someone to suicide.  

Kind is something we all CAN be.  There are no barriers to kind.  You can be old or young.  You can be rich or poor.  Your skin can be any color of the rainbow.  There are no physical limitations.  We can all be kind.

And, unlike many things, being kind is easy.  How hard is it to smile?  How hard is it to hold a door open?  How difficult is it to say hello?  Or to wave?  All are simple acts of kindness.

Kindness is important to me.  I've written about it many times:

I KNOW that kindness has changed the course of my day.  When someone has offered a simple kindness and suddenly the darkness had changed to light.  Perhaps kindness has also changed the course of my life.  Maybe it has done the same for you?

Recently, I had the pleasure to participate in an evening of rock painting.  What does that have to do with kindness?  It was part of The Kindness Rock Project.  A group of people; some friends and some I did not know before the evening, got together to paint and hopefully inspire.  These rocks will be displayed at our local park on the day of the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention's Out of Darkness Walk.  (It's is the 2nd annual walk for our town and my family is proud to be a part of it.  If you would like to help us please go to:  Thank You!)  It was a wonderful evening.  I am no artist, but that didn't matter.  Everyone there was encouraging, loving, full of hope and, of course, kind.  It was an inspiring evening and all I did was sit there and paint.  Ok, so I didn't paint so much as I simple wrote words and phrases on rocks. And that's ok.  My son, who is the artist, drew faces and everyone there did their own incredible thing.

Kindness rocks can be found all around you...if you just look.  You never know where you might find it.

And you never know where just giving a little might change someone's day, or someone's life.

Be kind today.

Be kind every day.

Be kind.


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