Don't Believe Her...

...because she's a woman.

Don't dismiss him because he's a man.

Don't judge her because she dresses differently or doesn't conform to your norm.

Don't avoid him because of his it a different color, pierced or inked.

"Good" people don't look a certain way.  "Bad" people don't look "evil."  "Good" people can do bad things.  

Everybody lies.  Sometimes about big things; sometimes about little.  Everybody lies.  Not all the time...well maybe some do, but...Everybody lies.

Everybody makes mistakes. Some big; some small. Mistakes make us human.  There is no shame in making a mistake; there IS shame in not admitting to it and accepting the consequences.

It's time to listen carefully.  To make up our OWN minds; not randomly listen to shouting from one side or another.

Inside every human being, and it doesn't matter if that person is a man or woman, is a brain and a heart.  We need to listen to both.  We need to before we make decisions.  

I'd say don't judge, but we do.  It's not nice, but it IS human nature.  So if we DO judge, we need to do so wisely.  We need to listen to what is said.  We need to hear not just what we WANT to hear, but all that is said...even the ugly.  We need to watch what is done.  Actions speak louder than words?  Use your eyes and see.  Use YOUR brain and THINK.   You are your own person; your ideas and conclusions are YOURS and don't have to match everybody else. You don't have to DO what everyone else is doing.  This part of what makes us unique individuals.

Don't believe her because she's a woman; believe her because you've listened to her and your head and heart tell you to believe.  Don't dismiss him because he is a man; listen, observe, review and then decide.  Stand by what you believe in; even if it is not popular.  Expand your horizons and look beyond the superficial.  Be brave; try new things and think in new ways.  Do not be afraid to change, but don't change just for the sake of change.

This may be a time of turbulence.  Those who we consider to be our "leaders" may not be acting in "leader-like ways;" or speaking in ways that are what we might expect or consider respectful.  We need to decide, individually, what we want and need in leaders and do those in leadership roles (or who want to be in them) speak and act as we would expect and want our leaders to do.  If so, then your decision is made.  If not, you must speak and act for change.



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