Let's Be Fat Today!

Yes, I'm serious!  It's "Fat Tuesday" or as it's known in NOLA, Mardi Gras.  

For many (some?), it's the day to celebrate/indulge before the solemnness of Lent sets in the next day.  (And who arranged for Lent to begin on Valentine's day?  Certainly not me! Talk about your dueling holidays!  How unfair is that??)

If you read my last post (https://bfthsboringblog.blogspot.com/2018/02/an-early-lenta-cheating-lent.html) you know that I started my Lent early this year (last Wednesday), but I WILL be indulging today.  I don't like to "break" Lent once I'm in the midst of it, but I felt like this would be a good time to have a fun evening meal with the family, perhaps celebrate Valentine's Day a little early and who knows, maybe get into a discussion about Lent with my son (as he is in the midst of confirmation class). (Being a typical teen boy, he's not one for talk so any time I can get a discussion going I TRY!)

Of course "celebrating" for me/my family means that I will get a couple of cupcakes at the Sweet Avenue Bake Shop (because for someone with egg allergies, a vegan bakery is the BEST thing in the world) that my son and I will share (since hubby is diabetic, he won't indulge), a small bottle of wine (those little one glass bottles are a great idea; and with a 4 pack I can have one with 3 to spare for my convention weekend) and  a visit to Chipotle.  (A family favorite!)

I have to confess that this first week of my "unofficial" Lent has been a hard one.  (Ok, they are all hard!)  I really miss my weekend wine. (Ok, sometimes I don't even wait for the weekend for a glass.) Which, when I think about it, is a good thing.  Self awareness is something that is part of my Lent.  It's a time to reflect on my actions and not just mindlessly go through the motions.  By NOT having that glass of wine or that sweet, I'm forced to think WHY I'm doing this.  And why, unlike dieting (I'm still struggling with those same two pound that I've been "fighting" for the past 2 months!!!)), there is NO Cheating!  (Of course maybe I am cheating since I've given myself that mid-March convention break, but since that was part of my plan, I'm not considering cheating per se.)

So for today: eat, drink and be MERRY for tomorrow we may diet! (Or "give up" the celebrations as we enter into a more solemn several weeks.) And even if you don't observe Lent, enjoy the day.  We could all use a little Mardi Gras once a year!


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