Help and Healing

Let me be completely blunt:  last week was crappy.  Nothing major happened to ruin my life (no life-threatening illnesses, accidents or traumas), but so many little things.  I wrote about it a bit last Monday ( and unfortunately things did not seem to get better.  I had lots of ups and downs.  I'll admit it; emotionally I was a wreck.  "Stuff" was getting to me and I was crying one minute and lashing out the next.  Stress, hormones, life was getting to me and it was clearly taking its toll.  I didn't like what was happening to me and I wasn't sure what to do.

Then on Sunday morning, as I was heading out to church with my son, he began to argue with me over wearing a winter coat.  (Folks, it was below freezing out...I think I had a point in asking him to wear one, but...)  In the car, I could feel my blood boil and anger just welled up in me.  Logically I realized that this reaction was stupid and not worth it, but emotion doesn't run on logic.  But I was smart that morning.  I did two things that helped and healed me that day.

The first thing was I kept driving to church.  I knew that part of the morning's service including an opportunity to pray and be part of a healing service.  I could go up and be anointed and know that the congregation would be praying for me and everyone else who needed any kind of healing that morning.

The second thing I did was text a friend of mine who is Reiki Master (Google it if you don't know what Reiki is).  Periodically I had visited her practice and always felt relaxed, refreshed and restored afterwards.  I needed that feeling again.

They were the two smartest things I could have done.  The church service was uplifting and the pastor spoke of many ways that people are in need of healing.  It was also eye opening.  As the time for prayer and healing began, I went up to be one of the first to go to the chapel where those who wished for prayer and anointment would enter one by one.  As I stepped out, the line went all the way to the back of the church.  Although not a huge congregation, it seemed to me that more than half (possibly 75%) of the people in attendance felt the need to be healed.  No matter what the issue or problem was, all of these people needed help.  As gentle guitar music played (and I'm sure the guitarist had NO idea that he would be playing so long), I let myself get lost in the song and the knowledge that we are NOT alone.

Later that afternoon I went to see my friend at her office.  Yes, she was not only willing to see me that day, a Sunday, but Super Bowl Sunday to boot.  She has designed the space so that you feel the tension leave your body when you enter.  Soft light, gentle music and sweet incense envelope you. But more importantly, we talked before we began.  Being of the same age and background (we went to high school together and both of us have stayed in our hometown to live and raise our families) she understood my issues.  She provided emotion support by simply saying: You are NOT alone.  What you are feeling, the issues you are facing, they are common to many people.  When I mentioned that morning's healing service, she said she was not surprised that so many were seeking healing.  That she has strayed away from social media (which could help her business) because there is so much anger out there.  (Boy is she right!)  And that we ALL need healing in one way or another.

I felt much better yesterday evening.  My problems had not gone away, but I felt restored and better able to face those challenges.  I know this week will be full of challenges, both big and small.  And when I need help and/or healing, I HOPE I will remember to breath.  I HOPE I remember to pray. I HOPE I will be of the mind to seek out those who can help me and guide me down a healthier path. 

We ALL need help and healing some times.  And this winter, it seems like so many of us are in need. Now is the time to find help and healing.  There is no one "right" way for each one of us is different.  When you feel that anger boiling up in you (as I did), I hope you are able to step back for a moment (NOT easy), breath and find a way to heal.  To find help...if even for just a day or for a few hours.

We live in a world that needs help and healing. We ALL need to heal.  We ALL need uplifting.  There ARE those around you no matter where you are who can help; who can heal.  Turn to them.  For the world to heal, we need to begin by healing as individuals. We all need to heal.


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