The Peeps Oreo Story

Warning!  This blog post DEFINITELY contains TMI.  Continue at your own risk...

I like Oreos.  Who DOESN'T like Oreos?  (Ok, so I'm sure there is someone out there who doesn't, but I'm pretty sure I don't know that person.)  Take the plain 'old Oreo and dunk it in milk.  DELICIOUS.  Double Stuff makes it even better.

Then there are Oreo variations.  Some are good (Strawberries and Cream, Peanut Butter Cup).  Some are GREAT (Chocolate Strawberry, Pumpkin Spice, Cookie Dough).  Some are not so good (Root Beer Float).  And believe it or not, some are just too sweet, even for a sweet-a-holic like me.  (I'm talking about Birthday Cake flavored.  Not to be confused with Birthday Cake M & Ms which are FABULOUS!)  I'd like to say I've tried them all, but I haven't.  I HAVE tried most of them.  (I still stay chocolate covered mint Oreos are NOT the same as the now defunct Nabisco brand Mystic Mints.)

With it being Lent (and remember I started Lent early:, how could I resist trying the Peeps Oreo?  The golden cookies with a pink confection stuffed between.  A sweet, but not too sweet confection that in my mind does not taste like a Peep. (Which is also in my mind a good thing.)  It's pink cream filling with a slight sugar coating.  I guess that's where the Peep reference comes in.  All in all, I think they are tasty.

The one thing I have noticed about "specialty" Oreos is that the packages tend to be smaller than the traditional Oreo packages.  So you're getting less for your money.  But, hey they are special Oreos so I'm not complaining (too much).  I also say this because the pack that I bought lasted less than a week and I'm probably the one in the family who ate the most.  (Who am I kidding?  I definitely ate the most with my husband and son only eating one or two out of the package.)  So in the span of about five or six days, I consumed a lot of Peeps Oreos.

When I brushed my teeth the first night after eating them, I did notice that after spitting the sink was filled with purple/pink toothpaste/saliva.  I was a little disturbed so I did a Google search and found that it was not uncommon.  I also found that some people claimed it made your poo pink!

If I hadn't read the above I might have been a little more freaked out when...well, I noticed that mine turned reddish.  Not pink at all but the kind of color that might alarm you if you hadn't been eating Peeps Oreos.  Now this didn't happen right away.  I'm guessing the food dye took a while and built up.  Then...whammo!  Reddish/brownish poo.

Food dye turning your poo colors is nothing new.  Anyone who's eaten more than their share of Boo-Berry, Franken-Berry and/or Count Chocula knows that it can "tint" your excrement, giving it a slight green hue.  (Don't ask me why all three end up "presenting" this green color, but trust me it does.)  However, when it comes to BMs. red tends to be a little more freaky than green as the natural reaction might be to think blood was involved.  Visions of colonoscopies and other "fun" tests might dance in your head.  But have no fear; food dye may be disgusting, but it is NOT something to panic about.  And I am confident that now that I have ceased to eat Peeps Oreos that my poo will return to its "normal" status.

This is not to discourage anyone from trying Peeps Oreos.  Just eat sparingly...or be prepared for a bathroom "surprise."


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