No Skirts?

Sometimes strange/not terribly important things just suddenly dawn on me. The other day, from out the blue, it suddenly occurred to me that no one in my office (which I know is very small to start with) wears skirts...except me.  I don't mean rarely wear skits, I mean no one EVER wears skirts.  Really!  NEVER!

I know I have been with this company just a little less than a year but I can't recall a single time that anyone in this office (again other than me) has worn a skirt.  I actually sat at my desk and thought about it for a few minutes.  When I started working in this office in the summer of 2016, there were eleven women who I saw/interacted with on a regular basis.  I can't recall a single time that one of them wore a skirt or dress.

Meanwhile I, the paragon of fashion (NOT) have pretty much stuck to the same trend (more likely rut) that has "ruled" my working life.  Day 1:  shave legs; wear a skirt.  Day 2:  wear a longer skirt.  Day 3:  Wear pants.  Day 4:  Repeat cycle.  Perhaps I am OCD, but if I've shaved the legs I feel like I need to wear a skirt. (At least when it comes to my business life.)  If I shave and wear pants I feel like I've broken a code or something.  (Or wonder, why did I shave in the first place?)  

In thinking about this (and clearly I'm thinking way too much about it), I observed the women in the building itself.  (My company occupies just one suite of a dozen or so.)  Skirts ARE still out there, but pants are definitely winning the battle.  (What battle?  I'm not sure.)  I'd say 99% of the women I see in this building are wearing pants. (Or even leggings, which is not part of my company's dress code.)

When I think back to the company I worked for prior to where I am now, there were definitely more skirts. There were six women that I interacted with on a regular basis and I would say that four of them wore skirts or dresses on a regular basis.  This was a more "industrial" company.  (The company was actually situated in an industrial park). Now I am in a more corporate setting. Both businesses were "business casual."  I have to wonder if the mode of dress had less to do with the industry and more with the fact that most of the women I worked with were immigrants and their heritage influenced their methodology of dress.

All this begs the question, why do I wear so many skirts?  (With the follow up being why do I have so many dresses in my closet when I only wear them for special occasions and there aren't that many special occasions in my life to justify what I have.)  I think it has something to do with me being short.  (I claim to be 5' 1”, but in reality I'm just a hair over 5 feet.  With my son sprouting up and towering over me, I'm already feeling as if I am shrinking.)  I can wear a petite skirt or I can wear a "regular" skirt, which will be longish on me, but still can work (The same can be said for a pair of shorts.  Actually I prefer the ladies section over petite because I don't like shorts that are too short.)  When it comes to pants, the length is more exacting.  I DO sometimes manage to find a pair where the width and the length are good for me, but more often than not, length is an issue.  (I'm short!  I'm short!)  Who has the time and/or money to get things continually hemmed?  (Mom used to be my go-to source, but she can't/won't do it anymore and who can blame her?  Hubby does do some sewing, but I can't see him hemming, plus whenever I ask him to fix something for me it usually ends up taking 3-6 months.  Yes, I should learn/relearn to do it myself, but I have no confidence in my creative domestic skills whatsoever.  Maybe it's time I took the plunge and just tried to darn a sock or something?)

All of this obsessing over the lack of skirts in this world.  Is it time for me to join the "revolution" of pants (that was over decades ago)?  Is it time for me to break the habit of:  short skirt, longer skirt, pants...repeat?  (I'm an obsessive creature of habit as most everyone who knows me knows!)  

Perhaps a "challenge" to myself (if you can call it that).  Next week, EVERY day, I will wear pants.  No dresses.  Seems pretty simple.  But how uncomfortable will I get?  Will I cave in?  Stay week is "NO SKIRTS".  It's time for me to join the pants world...and see what it's all about.


  1. This is going to sound crazy but I'm actually finding myself in more skirts and dresses these days. They are just a lot more comfortable than pants. In fact I pretty much hate slacks. I can deal with jeans (and do wear leggings some) but slacks-ick. I'm tossing a dress on today for meetings!


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