Mother Nature's Revenge

Clearly, we here in the Northeast have done something to seriously piss off Mother Nature. Maybe she's annoyed at the budget cuts to PBS...after all she's a Mother.  We all need PBS for our kids (sit 'em down for a 1/2 hour of "Curious George" and you've got a found 30 minutes to yourself) and ourselves (time for another marathon viewing session of "Downton Abbey")  And for those of you of a "certain age" (sigh...that would be me), you'll recall the Parkay margarine commercials that told us all "it's not nice to fool Mother Nature."  (And yes, it's still out there.  I had to Google it, but and it IS still available in spreadable, squeezable AND sprayable forms.  Aren't you glad I asked?)

So Mother Nature is seriously pissed off.  Why else would she let us have a relatively calm winter?  Temperatures were moderate as was the snowfall.  (We had a little in December/January and our one "big" snow in February.)  We moved through January and February into March.  Things were looking up.  I saw my first robin.  My neighbor's crocuses poked their heads up and tulip leaves were starting to show in my backyard.    Spring was just around the corner.  At least that's what I kept saying.

Then that first weekend in March it got really cold.  Winds were blowing and it was  cruel reminder that winter wasn't over yet.

Then the following Friday we got snow.  Not too much, but snow.  Just enough to be an annoyance for a Friday morning commute.  But nothing to shout about.

Then we got slammed with the Nor'easter less than a week before spring officially begins.  Sure it was less snow than had originally be predicted, but it was a day of blizzard like conditions.  Enough snow to keep my kid home from school for 2 days.  (There go the last of the "snow days"...what happens now if...I'm not going to say it!)  It was a mess to clean up as the winds kept blowing and the snow turned to freezing rain, rain and than back to snow again.

Still we were creeping back to spring.  And then MORE snow over the weekend.  Ok, it wasn't a lot (just barely a dusting) but still...

And now here we are.  It is officially spring and this is what is looks like outside.

Compare to what it looked like a few weeks ago in winter.

Oh, yea Mother Nature is NOT a happy Mother!


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