SOMWaD Update: Fun or Failure

The whole "homemade" Snoop While You Poop (or as I crowned him:  The Holiday Poop Snoop) did not work out quite as well as I had hoped.

He appeared in our bathroom on an outlet ledge overlooking the sink and, of course, the toilet with a carefully written note.  I was sure this would bring giggles and make the not so fun morning routine a little more tolerable.  (Blog post to come on that in the near future.  I could use some help in how to get that kid up and going in the morning.)  WRONG!

Hubby played along, gasping at what had appeared in the bathroom.  When we finally managed to get him out of bed and into the bathroom, he was not pleased.   Words along the line of "Get him out of here."  (Only there were other words in between the him and out.)  He pulled down the carefully placed note and tossed it in the trash.

So much for levity in the morning.

Later as my son was brushing his teeth (and I was trying to get out the door), I see my son spraying our very own poop snoop (still not named because my son refuses to do so) with air freshener.  

So much for well thought out fun and we are headed for failure.


In the car on the way to school, my son said the snoop wasn't that bad, IF he'd just move and not be in the bathroom.  As I pointed out, he is a POOP snoop and I don't want to find poop anywhere else.


Still trying to be creative I came up with this, which our own snoop will display:

Now let's see if my son can find the Lysol (and NOT the air freshener) and if he follows the directions.  If he does, we can say good bye to the snoop and I will has flushed my $1 creative endeavor down the toilet...

Stay tuned...


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