SOMWaD: The Poop Snoop Finale!

A decision has been made:  My son had decided to let the Snoop while you Poop stay.

The Snoop was pretty relieved as evident by his final note:

After much consideration my son DID name him:  McShiSh*t.  I have dubbed his full name to be Poopy McShiSh*t.

Unlike Ralph, who will disappear on Christmas Eve night, Poopy will hang around a little longer.  (After all he only just appeared on Monday night.)  Sometime during Christmas Day he will disappear.  (Maybe to a perfectly timed flushing sound??  How creative can one woman get?)

Thus ends the saga of the Poop Snoop; on to other pressing holiday matters such as when should I start baking holiday cookies?  (I'm thinking I start this weekend and then do some more next.  Doing them all next weekend would be best, but I don't think I'm going to have the time.)  My chocolate cinnamon sugar cookies are always a hit with the family. (And with the elf  as well. Who knows what Poopy McShiSh*t will think?)


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