A Little Holiday Cheer from the SOWMaD

As holly and jolly as I try to make the season, this past weekend was a big FLOP.  Lots of stress, tears, yelling...you name it.  It WASN'T a good weekend.  And it WASN'T pretty.

As the weekend wound down, I did one smart thing.  Sunday nights are for The Simpsons and I made sure that we all we snuggled up in my bed to watch last night's episode.  I didn't know it was the holiday episode and I didn't know that the "B" story would be so brilliant.  (At least WE thought it was brilliant.)

When Marge brought "The Gnome In The Home" to watch over Maggie, we started to chuckle.  We were flat out hysterical when we heard that the gnome eats the fingertips of not so good girls and boys.  And when we heard that toy company (I believe it was Spyco Toys, but I could very well be wrong*) also had products as Bear Who's Always There and the Snoop While You Poop, we were rolling on the floor laughing.  Which is EXACTLY what this family needed after the craptactular weekend we had.  It was so funny, that we actually "rewound" the episode and re-watched the Maggie bits.  (During which time my son tried to nibble off my fingertips.)

Then I put my son to bed...and he was sitting there with a Santa hat on his head, arms folded around his knees in an elf-like position.  He had a maniacal grin on his face and psychotic look in his eyes as he informed me in a eerie tone..."I never close my eyes..." (Just like the gnome in the home.)  It took a good 10 minutes or more to get him into bed as he kept cracking up (and kept US cracking up).  I have never been more grateful for a Simpsons episode than I was last night.

But I am not one of let things lie.  My husband came up with the idea of a glittery note from our very own elf, Ralph, that just said "Fingertips."  So at 4:40 this morning, I was in the kitchen (with Ralph) with gold glitter glue.  And after fighting with multiple tubes of glitter glue here is the result...

I was still upstairs when my son went down for breakfast, but I could hear his yelp.  (And of course when I tried to head out to work, he had the Santa hat back on with the same deranged look and tried to nibble off my fingertips again.)  A much better way to start a Monday morning then we have in the past.

All this has been playing on my (sick) mind yesterday.  So at lunchtime I went out to make a few purchases.  Perhaps there is no licensed and official Snoop While You Poop, but with (very) little work I came up with:

(Please note the carefully colored in nose.)

Our very own Holiday Poop Snoop, whom I will ask my son to name (just as he did Ralph), will be making an appearance in the bathroom soon.

So am I festive or foul?  Wonderfully wacky or a sicko?

If I can keep my family in laughter, does it really matter?

* Update:  My son has informed me that it was SpyCraft not Spy Co.  And he didn't take very well to the Holiday Snoop in the bathroom this morning.  May be another fail, but I'll give it some time before we "flush" this one.


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