What's So Frightening About Friday the 13th?

As I write this it's Friday, May 13th.  It is the only Friday the 13th in 2016.  While I am superstitious about some things (when I see a penny I will always pick it up), there's nothing about Friday the 13th that scares me.  After all it's a Friday!  It's the day that starts the weekend.  (Even if it is not until 5 pm for me!  I'll admit there are plenty of Fridays where I count down the hours until the end of the day.  These Fridays mostly tend to be in the summer, which gives you a little insight into me and where I want to be headed!)

I can understand the mythology behind the number 13 and why it is a "bad" number. But I see a different side.  When we hit the 13th of the month we are almost half way through.  There is still time to do what needs to be done before the month is out (so there is no need to panic), and if I have been diligent in my work, the hard stuff may be behind me.

The fact that Friday the 13th is considered unlucky worked in my favor when I got married.  Yes, I got married (20 years ago this fall) on a Friday the 13th.  Had no problem getting the venue or the vendors I wanted.  It did rain part of the time.  (I've heard rain on your wedding day is considered lucky?)  But the sun also came out when I needed it to.  (Our wedding was outside on a covered deck.  It rained prior and after.  Sounds pretty lucky to me!)

So what do we have to fear about Friday the 13th?  Certainly not that man in the hockey mask with a machete!  Turn off the tv and if you hear a spooky noise from the basement, just ignore it!

It's Friday the 13th.  Memorial Day weekend is just two weeks away.  Summer will soon be here.  School will be out.  Time for sun and sand.  Time for mountain hikes.  Time for just sitting outside and enjoying.

Have no fear of Friday the 13th!  But if you do, remember Saturday the 14th is almost here!


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