Balloon Deflators

The other morning I was all hyped up and excited.  I, along with some other friends, had good news we wanted to share.  It was a sunny day and all felt right with the world.  I couldn't wait for the opportunity for my group to share our announcement.  We had it all planned out (the way you do when you have exciting news).  And then...

...someone else let the cat out of the bag before we had a chance to say anything.  All that hard work and planning...splat...I felt like a balloon that had just been deflated.  All the joy that had been inside of me fizzled out.

Did the person who spilled the beans mean to be malicious?  Certainly not, but clearly this person wasn't thinking, and in my book was a tad inconsiderate.  She was aware of the news that we wanted to share and should knew how excited all of us were.  Maybe she was excited too and just felt the need to tell everyone.  But it really wasn't her news to tell.

We all like to be the bearers of glad tidings, especially in this world that seems to be full of nothing but depressing news.  But before blurting out something, take the time to think if it is something that SHOULD be shared and if YOU are the person who should be sharing it. (For example, if your sister is pregnant and you know, but your parents don't, shouldn't YOU keep your mouth shut until and let your sister do the talking?  Even if it means keeping silent for a couple of days?)  Once the news is "officially" out there, then by all means share it.  Spread the cheer.  But don't be a balloon deflator; be considerate.  

I know that this experience, which took the wind out of my sails for most of the day, has made me think.  I hope I have never deflated anyone's balloon.  I don't think I have, but maybe I should be more careful and thoughtful when sharing news with others.  I know that next time I have something I want to share with friends, I will think twice before I speak.  Is it really my place, or would I be deflating someone else's balloon?

I'm determined NOT to do that.  I hope you are too.


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