Disappointed: 2 weeks and 2 days

So here I am 17 days into my 50 to 50 and I'm disappointed in my results thus far...as possibly my efforts.  The whole taking 10 minutes to relax/meditate has gone out the window.  Just not happening...too many days I forgot to even try!  This is the life of a SOMWaD (Stressed-Out Mom, Wife and Daughter).

The alcohol ban went out the window this weekend too.  Although I did say that I was going to allow myself to celebrate on special occasions.  This Saturday marked a very special occasion for a group of friends:  while not the end of a hard task that we had been working on for years, we had overcome a huge hurdle and a very positive end is on site and it only seemed fitting that we should get together and celebrate with a glass or two of champagne.  Of course along with that went munchies.  Although I drank, I did try to eat somewhat responsibly...I had picked up fruit and veggies to eat.  I did have some dip and cheese and crackers, but while I did not track everything that went into my mouth, I don't think I went too overboard.

I've been tracking my food intake regularly.  While not on any specific program (which costs money), I am doing my best to stay "on point" as I know it.  I saw a little dip in weight, only to see it jump back up this morning.  This all may be the result of the weekend celebration, but I had been hoping to see more of an improvement in this area.  I have increased my fruit and veggie consumption and cut back on the "junk."  I've taken to "chewing" straws.  Keep my mouth and my hands busy.  (If this were the last century I'd probably have taken up smoking!)

I've upped the exercise: I even walked in the rain a few times I confess Monday it was raining way too hard and I stayed indoors with my DVD.  I have to wonder if it's better to do the 5 miles that the DVD says it covers in a little over an hour or walk outside for 3+ miles which includes inclines.  I just can't go as fast outside as I do inside on the flat floor.  There's no way to avoid the hills...no matter what direction I go in I have to end my walk going uphill!

Still I have 33 days to go.  I may feel disappointed and downtrodden, but I need to keep going.  To keep trying.  And so I will...


  1. Aww hang in there. Sometimes stress makes the weight situation worse too, or maybe you just need to go to the bathroom ;) You know you have been trying and I think you have to be ok with that for now. As for the walking, I do feel like I get a much better workout/calorie burn when I do the hills outside but sometimes it just isn't possible.


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