Memorable Mother's Day

This past Sunday was Mother's Day (at least here in America).  Though it didn't' feel like spring for most of the weekend (rain, rain and more rain was the theme of last week and most of the weekend), the sun did peak out a bit.  I personally had a lovely and memorable Mother's day.

What was so special about it?  Absolutely nothing.  There were no extravagant gifts.   There was no big party.  There was no Mother's Day brunch or dinner party.  It was just a weekend.  A plain, ordinary weekend and that's what made it so wonderful.

I may have gotten soaking wet on my early morning walk.  (It wasn't raining when I started out; it never is.  It always starts when I am in the middle of things.)  But that was no big deal.  I just threw my wet, dirty clothes in the wash (along with some other stuff) and my husband took care of the rest.

It was the little things that made my day:  my husband making coffee in the morning (which he always does but after a wet walk, there's nothing like a good cup of coffee); my husband fixing the thermostat so that the heat came up (we needed it in the morning); the cards from my son and husband; my son singing in the choir Sunday morning; getting Hoagies from Jersey Mikes for an early dinner and just hanging around the house for the entire weekend.  (I'll admit I mostly binge watched Season One of "Grace and Frankie" again.  Season 2 is out there and I'm trying to hold myself back.  Once I start there will be no stopping me and it will all be over way too soon.)  And of course, the Sunday night highlight of the three of us piled on our bed watching "The Simpsons" and "Bob's Burgers."  (This may make me”bad mom” in some people’s eyes, but crude humor keeps this family together.  There is nothing laughter to end the weekend; especially when Monday morning rolls around way too soon.)

The best gift is yet to come.  A new shower head is on order and should be arriving before the end of the week.  I've got dibs on the first shower where the water will come gushing out and not dibbling down or sputtering into my face.  (Hopefully this will also end the mysterious late night/early morning dripping too.  Nothing can freak me out more than suddenly hearing water drip, drip, drip HOURS after the last shower has been taken and finding that the tap has been completely turned off.  Yet there is that drip, drip, drip that goes on for several minutes for no known reason!)  A luxurious, hot shower is the best gift a mom can get any time!

So no fancy meals or extravagant gifts this weekend.  Instead I received an abundance of love and thoughtfulness.  That's' what made it a memorable Mother's Day for me.

Here's hoping that everyone else had the same.


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