April Showers...

Bring May flowers...or so the verse goes.  May has just started, but it seems like Mother Nature thinks it's still April on the East Coast.  The showers are here and they seem to be here to stay.  The calendar says May, but the temperatures say end of March or maybe early April.

But that seems to be the standard around here these days.  In December we celebrated the holidays in short sleeves.  Christmas day and the kids were out playing in the sunshine like it was a weekend in September.  The cold didn't catch up with us until the end of January, but it still wasn't too bad (or at least not as bad as it has been in winters past).  But now that spring is here and we expect warm weather (and a little sunshine too), it's sadly lacking.  I'll admit that I got a pedicure and haven't really had a chance to show it off since I got it in late March.  (And already my big toe is starting to chip away!) And at least it isn't snowing like it did back on spring break in April!

The school year is starting to wrap up (Only 46 more days to go...and that includes weekends!) Before I know it I'll probably be complaining about the heat.  (Maybe not I'm a heat seeker.)  Or maybe we'll get a mild summer (as we did winter) and not get a heat wave until the new school year arrives.  (Isn't that always the case?  School starts up and bam!  Mother Nature turns up that heat.)

So we'll just have to slog through this week and pretend its still April.  At the end of the rain hopefully there will be a rainbow...and LOTS of May flowers.


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