Break Time: The Pulitzer Project

I'm a year and a half into my self imposed "Pulitzer Project" (I'm reading as many of the Pulitzer Prize winners for fiction as my husband has been able to find for me electronically) and I've decided with summer almost here (I hope...we certainly haven't had a spring around here) I am taking a break.  I've got 35 novels under my belt.  I've got another 20 or so to go.  (Depends on when I finish and what we've been able to find electronically.  There are plenty of books that I have missed because my husband was unable to get them for me electronically.  I've also purposely left out books that I had previously read; the exception being  To Kill a Mockingbird which I just HAD to re-read.)

I've read great books, good books, so-so book and books that I just couldn't stand.  (I'm looking at you William Faulkner...I will never understand A Fable...NEVER.) I've downed 10 novels since January of this year, including two which were REALLY long (The Executioner's Song which was only so-so and Lonesome Dove which was excellent!  "Westerns" aren't my cup of tea, but this may have changed my mind.) Since I started this project, I've got a backlog of "fun" books that I haven't read and I've decided it's time for some summer fun.  There's nothing like a book from Dorthea Benton Frank in the summer. And I've got quite a few Mary Kay Andrews loaded up on my Nook that are crying out to be read.  (Not unlike my toes crying to be manicured and put into sandals.)

I won't exactly be letting my mind turn to mush this summer.  There may be a few Pulitzers in the mix, but my soul is ready for some "fluffy" "chick lit."  And being a Jersey girl, I'm kicking it off with New Jersey author Jo-Ann Lamon Reccoppa's New Math Is Murder  (first in the Jersey Girl Cozy Mystery series).  With a title like that, how can I NOT love it?


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