There Ought To Be A Law?

It's the last day of March as I write this.  Although the bitter chill of winter is still upon us (and there is yet another threat of now), it IS officially Spring.  For Christians, we have just entered Holy Week (the most important week of the Christian Calendar) and Easter is just five days away (unless you are Orthodox, but that's a whole other story).  I have big plans for a fun Easter Egg hunt this weekend (more on that in a future post).  I have stuffed over 100 plastic eggs with treats.

For many, Spring vacation has already come.  In my school district, there are only 11-1/2 weeks left until summer vacation.  I have already made plans for the summer; there are various camps that my son will attend and I am plotting out what activities he might do when not at sleep away camp or attending Marine Science Camp at the NJ Shore.  

I may still have to wear a winter coat, but winter is over.  Christmas was three months ago (thirteen weeks and 5 days if you're counting).  Just in case you hadn't noticed it is March 31, 2015.

Which is why I say...why I want to shout:  TAKE DOWN YOUR CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!!

I try to be tolerant...I really do, but...TAKE DOWN YOUR CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!!

I'm beginning to think that there ought to be some sort of Holiday Decoration Law on the books.  Think of the money it could make for the town if everyone who still had browning wreathes or half hung lights was fined $5.  Based on what I've seen this year, my town and the ones that surround it could rake in some serious dough!  One of the house's I pass regularly does not just have a few decorations up, but an entire front lawn covered in deflated inflatables, non-twinkling Christmas trees and more.  (It was, in my opinion, overkill even during the holiday season.)   The crocuses are trying to poke their heads through the ground and they can't pass through the multiple reindeer figurines; it is time to take down the holiday decorations.

I have to wonder if the cold weather has lingered so long because Snow Miser has seen so many holiday decorations and thinks it's still Christmas time.  Maybe Mother Nature has determined that warm weather will only come to my corner of the world when all the icicle lights and glowing candy canes come down.

So please, if you Frosty is still standing on your lawn; if Santa still stands on your roof, please, Please,  PLEASE TAKE DOWN YOUR CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!  

Thank you and have a great spring! ;)


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