The Last Hurrah?

It's snowing...AGAIN.

After chopping up and cleaning out yesterday's ice and mush (which thankfully melted over the course of the day), it is snowing...AGAIN.

I'm NJ born and bred.  (With my focus on the weather I almost wrote "bread" -- after all what's a storm without bread and milk?)  I'm happy to live here, but I am done with the weather we've had.  I love to visit New England and I do want to see Alaska and Canada, but I don't know if I could survive there (or in any of the Midwest states).  The South is starting to look good to me.  (And I'm starting to have Disney World dreams again which tells me it's been too long since I've been to Florida.)

There's been more snow north and possibly more ice south.  I think we all agree that it's been a rough winter no matter where you live.  (Take that you lousy season!)

But I have hope that this is the "last hurrah" for winter. The weatherman has teased me with predictions of temperatures in the 40s (and even one day of 50!) next week.  Could it be that we are finally warming up?  Could we actually be crawling to the finish line of winter?  Is spring only 15 days away?  (The countdown site I visit keeps tempting me with photos of beautiful blooming crocus and fields of flowers.)

Let this be winter's last gasp.  Let us all laugh next week as the snow melts away.  And let's hope that soon this wretched winter will be just a memory.


  1. We had odd 70 degree temps yesterday and then lows tonight in the 20's. I'm sure hoping this is the end of it but I just don't know...


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