Ready to Spring Ahead

Are you ready to spring ahead?  It's that time again...when we set our clocks an hour forward.  Mornings will be darker (again), but evenings will be lighter.  (Making that evening drive more of a pleasure as the sun sinks slowly in the west.)

I am ready to fling my boots into the closet, although with the slush and ice still on the ground that's not such a good idea.  I think we are all ready to move into Daylight Savings Time and then officially spring (which begins 12 days later).  Who is not ready to leave the boots, hats, gloves, scarves and heavy coats behind?  Who is NOT tired of shoveling and scrapping?

Aren't we all ready to spring ahead?

Don't bemoan the loss of sleep; shout with joy that the days are getting longer and warmer.  (Even as we continue to dig out the snow that has turned from brilliant white to dirty gray.)

Set those clocks.  Spring ahead!


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