Can It Be???

I went to work yesterday daringly.  I worse my blue winter coat (stained and dirty from brushing up against the car as I try to get in the door while not sliding on the ice), but I dared to wear "normal"' shoes.  That is, for the first time in over two months I wasn't wearing my fur lined boots or duck shoes with heavy socks.  (I LOVE LL Bean and have appreciated their fine and warm products for months now, but I am ready to move on!)  The office parking area was still pretty treacherous.  I still wore tights.  And I had my little heater on under my desk for most of the day (especially late in the afternoon when someone turned on the air????)  To my regret, I did not go out for lunch.

When I left the office that night what a joy!  It was still light out!  (It almost made up for that hour of sleep that we lost on Sunday morning.)  The bulky blue coat not only didn't need to be zipped up, but I didn't need to wear it at all!  I dared to turn the heat OFF in the car and actually rolled down the windows. (Windows that last week wouldn't even budge as they were frozen shut!)  I was tempted to open the sun roof, but managed to hold myself back.  I felt like I needed to get on the highway and drive fast with music blaring!  Could it be?  Was spring making its way to NJ?

This morning I dared again to wear "normal" shoes (although I've been confining myself to flats...I won't dare to break out the heels until April or at least until the parking lot is better melted down and cleaned out).  I am wearing a 3/4 sleeve blouse!  I tried to wear just a down vest instead of the blue coat, but that was pushing it.  (Not time yet to send it to the cleaners and put it back in the closet where it will hopefully sit until December.)  I still have the little heater on under my desk, but I am resolved to go outside today for lunch.  It is too early to walk to (and around) the park on my lunch break, but we are getting closer.

The snow is still very prevalent, but I can see that the piles are getting smaller.  It will take a long time for them to completely melt away into dirty puddles, but they are getting smaller.  Fingers crossed that maybe it will be possible to have an Easter egg hunt on the front lawn.  (And maybe the lawn will even be semi-green.)

Can it be?  Yes it can!  Ten days until spring arrives.  No robins have appeared for me yet, but the sun feels good on my face.  The bitter cold chill seems to be gone from the air. 

I am sure we will have a few more days until spring finally makes its way here in all its glory, but this reprieve has made me rejoice!  More sunlight; more warmth!  Take a moment (or even more) and enjoy!  To paraphrase George Harrison, it has been a long cold winter and now here comes the sun!  Let your spirit be filled with it!


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